JOACHIM BARTOLL on “World Stage Actor Donald Trump”. . .

“The scripted theatre of Trump and the indictment continues. The latest page in the manuscript handed to the media tells us that Trump is expected to appear in court Tuesday afternoon for his arraignment (or did they mean arrangement?). On March 30, 2023, Trump faced more than ‘30’ counts related to business fraud in an indictment from a Manhattan grand jury, according to the media. 30 counts on the 30th day of the month. Also, March 30, as in 3/30 is simply ‘33,’ the highest degree within Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Well, I guess we’re off to a good start on this one. Remember, the arrest that Trump cried out about on Truth Social came to a big nothing burger on March 21, although, that stunt was a very carefully planned Skull and Bones ritual, all executed by the numbers, leading up to this next act on the theatrical world stage. These news on Trumps indictment came on March 30, a date with 76-date numerology and a day that came exactly 76-days before Trump’s June 14th birthday (and Trump is still 76-years-old.) What are the odds of that? 76, is of course, one of the main numbers associated with both Skull and Bones Freemasonry and Trump himself. And, since everything is scripted, this indictment comes exactly 33 weeks and 3 days after the August 8, 2022, staged and fake Mar-a-Lago raid. 33 weeks is a masonic tribute, and so is 333. Again, the prosecutor is Alvin Bragg, and he is the perfect actor for this sh*t show. ‘Alvin Bragg’ is perfectly synchronized with ‘Donald Trump’ and the ‘indictment.’ And, the attorney Alvin Bragg, who was extremely coded with the day of the indictment on March 30, just happens to celebrate his October 21 birthday a very Jesuit 201-days from the court date on April 4! Of course, in this continuation of the script, little rascal Trump is to be arraigned at exactly 2:15 pm on Tuesday. That time is a very Freemasonic reference as it equals ‘33’ in reverse gematria, and that comes as no surprise since Trump is allegedly a 33-degree mason himself, and all this is just theatre for the sleeping masses, totally fake as everything that is acted out on the world stage. So, Trump is expected to ‘surrender,’ as in ‘appearing in court,’ on Tuesday, April 4, as in 4/4, or 44. Well, you got to make sure this is done by the numbers, and Trump had the role of playing the #44th character to be the President of the United States. Of course, this is largely about the ‘hush money’ scandal with porn actress Stormy Daniels, who recently turned 44-years old. Remember, Trump cried out like a little baby-boy on his Truth Social the day after Daniel’s 44th birthday that he would be arrested, which was a Freemasonic mocking-ritual of chicken feed to baby-truthers and Q’tards. Of course, ‘Daniels’ equals 44 in reverse reduction gematria as well, one of the most important ciphers. Also, many believe that this is ‘the storm’ that Trump talked about back in October of 2017. If you still think that Donald Trump is legit, a real person and some kind of knight in shining armor that will save you from the ‘globalists’ and the ‘New World Order,’ then I’m sorry to say that you are as delusional as those zombies believing in NASA, Q drops, or in pathetic controlled opposition like the stuttering clowns Carl and Cornelia here in Sweden (C&C = 33). As I said yesterday, this is simply theatre, all scripted nonsense for the dumbed down masses and something for the retards still trapped in left vs. right to have something to banter about. It’s 100% staged. And this being a Masonic ritual, it is always in tribute to their masters, the order that write the script and pull all the strings, The Jesuit Order.”

~Joachim Bartoll

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~via Joachim Bartoll

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