LISA RENEE on “The Rise of the Solar Feminine Christ”

“The NAA have employed an assortment of artificial intelligence structures and Frequency Fences for enforcing technological abuses, in which they intended to eliminate and destroy the organic mother principle in creation, thus generating ripple effects and causing an array of genetic distortions in the Sophianic female principle embodiment on the earth. For this and many other reasons, this planet has not had access to the organic mother principle and Sophianic Template in previous time cycles, which prevented the full spiritual realization and embodiment of the organic state of the Solar Feminine. Through repeated session work in the planetary fields and by remote viewing the grid network, the many layers of artificial Alien Machinery that have been used to spread Dark Mother reversals, that clone and replicate the Sophianic female principles via the Lunar Matrix and Beast Machine, have been revealed. The planetary circulatory system or Planetary Grid Network has accumulated massive amounts of Dead Energy and Miasma that have built up in its network over many destructive events occurring in the Timelines, such as warring, Genocide and hidden technological abuses. Technological abuses include things we can see in full view today; weaponizing weather, Geoengineering agendas, microwaving the Ionosphere, implanting thoughts through Mind Control, and intentionally directing cataclysmic events through the use of Electromagnetic Weaponry while publicly claiming that it is earth’s natural climate change. Eventually, these dark agendas of raping the land and the natural kingdom of its energy resources crushes the planetary crystal heart networks and blocks their Chalice configurations from operating in the Ley Lines. The dead energy structure is a toxic waste that damages or crushes the Permanent Seed Atom in the crystal heart matrices, and this must be cleaned out. This creates Metatronic Reversals of artificial current used to fill the ley lines with blockages of Dead Energy, and this accumulation of black frozen dead energy in the natural intersections of the gridlines is called an Anubian Black Heart. When observing the Controller agendas, which are to intentionally generate dystopian nightmares in certain demographic regions they are attempting to gain total control over, it is also designed to control the ley lines by blocking high frequency energetic current from spreading throughout the land mass. Sudden catastrophes distract people, derail progress forward and incite mass fear and grief from loss. From the emotional devastation, some people will blame God and reject all things spiritual from the lack of awareness that these catastrophes are being orchestrated by the human and nonhuman Controllers and then blamed as random ‘acts of God’. This is exactly what the Controllers want, to wield mass destruction and demoralize and dehumanize the population. Then it is easier to get the population to reject anything that connects their Consciousness with the real God source field that raises our frequency, and expanding consciousness expands our consciousness to perceive more truth. Through our session research in the planetary grid over the years, it has been made clear that the reversal life energy of the Christos-Sophia Blueprint was replicated into artificial Negative Form bodies in phantom matrices, in order to run anti-Christ reversals into the ley lines. These reversal currents happen through the Baphomet streams and their Black Magic Grid networks, and these anti-life forces running in the lower grids are primarily satanic in nature. The intentional generation and spreading of Satanic forces into the Planetary Grid Network, is what allows the NAA forces to gain an ever-deeper foothold in controlling the earth for their enslavement purposes. The agenda was purposed to eventually take over the planet through genetic modification and by incarnating their off planet satanic families, while slowly killing off the original lines of the indigenous earth population that still hold the organic Christos blueprint. The recent major grid cleanup on holocaust timelines required another stage of dismantling phantom and artificial constructs that were harboring reversal mother creatures, a hierarchical chain of engineered hybrid dark entities used to enforce the Lunar Matrix links into the female principle and female bodies on the earth. Essentially, these are Satanic forces that have been engineered and then populated into the planetary architecture blended reality to gain control over the Solar female principle, subverting this higher identity into a mass mind controlled lunar female breeding slave. These AI genetic engineered NAA creations of reversal mother creatures were used to colonize the major grail points in the earth, to enforce an assortment of Artificial intelligence machinery that run the lunar mutations through several programs, such as in the propagation of religious Mind Control and Sexual Misery. These recent projects reveal more detail on how the Dark Mother alien constructs are being administered and run on the planet earth, which are specifically designed to support the spreading of satanism through the ongoing generation of reversal female forces running throughout the ley lines and targeting the human population with its lowest anti-life vibrations. The building out of the organic repair sequences for the Emerald Guardian Ascension Host mission upgrades are continuing with excessive speed and substantial intensity, to anchor the Sapphire Diamond Shield architecture into the 10D gateways for the return of the Cosmic Mother’s Solar Reisha sophianic lineages throughout the planetary matrix. When there are high frequency transmissions hitting certain areas of the earth body, this can shift descending areas into an ascending area, and this can ripple out effects that awaken the population that live in those areas. This is heralding the full debut of the Cosmic Mother Krystallah architecture which gives rise to the birth of the Solar Feminine Christ principle, which is the Holy Daughter embodiment of the Christos-Sophia template. This is her time to rise on the earth. Although it is important to know that this dark agenda is done and their timeline is coming to an end, we have to see what has happened to the earth and humanity before we can truly spiritually heal. The shocking revelation of this Controller and Negative Alien agenda through gradual disclosure events is what humanity is facing on the earth now in these turbulent times of evolutionary transition.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Solar Feminine Christ / Sapphire Diamond Shield

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