‘THE CALM AFTER THE STORMY’ ~ Joachim Bartoll on “The Trump Show — No Arrest as the Scripted Play Carries On”

“As we thought, nothing came of the alleged arrest that Donald Trump warned his Right-Wing minions about, nothing more than a lot of headlines about the possibility of violent protests and riots, which just as the arrest, came to nothing. While his post on March 18 about the possible arrest on March 21 was a huge Freemasonic ritual, the script of Trump being a wolf in the hen pen, a divider and bully, instigating chaos on the world stage continues, just as we have said from the start. That is the role he is playing. All fabricated, all scripted, all show. Then we have those connecting this ‘Stormy Daniels’ controversy and ‘hush-money’ deal with the possibility of an indictment to Trump’s old quote ‘the calm before the storm.’ Which is really reaching, but still a funny synchronicity, especially since all the Q’tards believed it would be Hillary that got arrested, and instead they might just end up with their world-stage actor Trump being arrested instead. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the ‘storm’ he mentioned was ‘Stormy Daniels,’ or that he actually will be arrested. Still, the quote likely meant that ‘storm’ is a part of his script, part of the character he is playing. And sure, Trump has been in many ‘storms,’ and they have all been connected to this quote. It’s all theatre, all theatre by the numbers. It’s like the script writes itself all by the numbers, such wizardry.”

~via Joachim Bartoll Official

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