‘THE CLOT IS IN THE SHOT!’ ~ Watch “Died Suddenly”— A ‘Must-See’ and ‘Must-Share’ Documentary About ‘The Jab!’

Ascension Avatar note: Enjoy the documentary… and please SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE though personally, I could do without the media clips showing ‘the evil ones’ pushing the Negative Alien Agenda… which IS what this is ALL about… more than just depopulation or a big blood sacrifice ritual… it’s about destroying Angelic Human DNA and disconnecting humans from their souls so they become “up for grabs”… and of course the cannibals love their human blood, adrenochrome, and committing human blood sacrifice rituals, so they wouldn’t eliminate us completely for the sake these satanists could feed off of us to supply THEIR ‘loosh’… to keep THEM in power so THEY could create THEIR version of AI controlled cyborg ‘anti-humans’ and clones for slavery and ‘amusement’… to be at THEIR disposal… *shiver* 👹 Interesting, how the 1978 movie poster for “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” held a few clues of the real-life nightmare that would play out over 40 years later…

“Watch out! They get you while you’re sleeping!”

…so heaven forbid… don’t be a ‘sleeper’ and don’t be afraid to help others awaken from this nightmare… SHARE WITH EVERY HUMAN YOU KNOW… if they ARE human to begin with… 🛸

~via Stew Peters Network

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