KIM GOGUEN & SUNNY GAULT: “Christmas Intel and Updates — As They All Fall Down!!”

This United News Network presents interesting information and is on the frontline of the Alternative Media Movement! Kim starts at 29:30 into the video. Ascension Avatar note: I want all readers to understand the “Tree of Life” discussed here is the Kaballah base-10 distorted “Artificial Tree of Life” — not God’s “Universal Tree of Life” (just as the Kaballists hijacked the Star of David for black magic purposes). See today’s earlier post, LISA RENEE: “Musica Universalis” as it shows the true 12 Tree Grid and its connection with the dimensional planes. It’s interesting how alt-media comment shills are trying their best to destroy Kim, since she IS one of the VERY few telling us the truth — which usually aligns within the same time frame as Lisa Renee’s planetary and ascension updates. I love the following comments from the post thread…

“You are desperately trying to create a Strawman argument so that you can avoid the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: That Trump pushed the jab and is therefore guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. Nice Try but no cigar! I guess you’re in the throws of Cognitive Dissonance. Trump is nobody’s Saviour. You’ve got all your arguments at cross-purposes Dear! I have much more against Trump too. He is a TRAITOR to Humanity. To freedom of speech. A Freemason who is very much part of the Order of the Black Sun. Rockefeller controlled. A pied piper to get conservatives to jump on board of the depopulation drive. Wake Up FFS! The trolls on this thread seem desperate. That is telling by itself. Anyone who is open can see their bitterness and anxiety at a glance. I’m not part of Kim’s Network but I look forward to these updates. It seems you are desperate to try to attack her for your own nefarious reasons. I wonder why? Have anything to hide? I bet you do! At least she wasn’t pushing the jab like Trump was and she wasn’t pushing 5G (*and 6G!) either like he was. His followers are trying to reconcile two unreconcilable concepts: that Trump by participating in the Rockefeller attack on humanity through the Covid hoax and jabs, he disqualified himself forever to be part of a solution for humanity. Simple logic!”

~Notsoignorant, commenter on thread (*links provided by Ascension Avatar)


~via United Network News (UNN)

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