‘MUST-WATCH!’ ~ Kim Goguen & Sunny Gault: “Nov 28, 2022 News Update”

Join Sunny and the Field Messengers for the Real News! In this update Kim drops a few bombshells about “The Dead Man Donald Trump” and how “He was NEVER a ‘Hero”, his dark Black Sun Nazism family origins and ritual sacrifices… for those who still can’t seem to grasp it. Also: there are more benevolent higher-dimensional beings and healers assisting our planet than ever before! Kim’s report begins @ 29:58 (simply tap markers shown at bottom of video to fast-track to desired segment).


0:00 Field Messenger Reports:
Sweden – Restoring Homes and Nature
Australia – Breathwork with Marcel Hof

9:36 Sunny Gault News Update:
Saudi Arabia Floods
China White Paper Protests
Thunberg Sues Sweden
Balenciaga Ad Campaign
US Easing Venezuela Oil Embargo
EU Accuses Washington
Greene: Ukraine Audit
Hunter Biden Probe
Bolton: Trump Election
Global Chip Shortage
UK – Fine Tech Companies
Tesla Pi Phone
Pets and Climate Change

29:58 Kimberly Goguen News Update

~via United Network News (UNN)

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