LISA RENEE: “EMF Calibration Command”

Take a deep breath and prepare for meditation. We are going to set the command and as much as you feel guided to go through it yourself is fine. But our goal is that whenever you need EMF calibration you are connected with your gatekeeper and you use one command. So you don’t to have to go through the whole thing every time. You may need to work with interactively for a while. I can’t tell you how many times they tell me we look like a bunch of clouded energy programs of light and the more that we can work and develop communication with our evolution teams, the more accurately they can help us. Remember to be more interactive with your guides, develop your communication with them and tell them exactly how you feel. Exactly where it feels disruptive in your own language, so that they can help you more accurately. So again, take breath and we will go through this.


Focus your consciousness in your still point area. This is the area in between your rib cage right above your solar plexus. This is our new multidimensional grounding center. Take a deep breath as if you are pulling breath in and out of that center in between your rib cage. Take a few deep breaths in that area.

Now lets imagine and bring back into the sixth chakra, deep in the center of your brain in the pineal gland and the third eye area, visualize or imagine the six pointed merkaba star, deep in your consciousness right in the center of your brain. See it there in the center of your third eye area. That merkaba star is generally a pale silver light. You can see that merkaba star in the pale silver light. For those that are new to this visualize a Star of David, also called a celestial Christ light symbol code in your third eye. As you exhale you’re going to see that symbol move down your central vertical body current and out between your legs. 

Now horizontally in front of you you’re going to send it off into the distance. You’re going to see on the Earth’s energetic grid, it’s not on the grid itself but it is kind of above as if you we are looking at the Earth from outer space. You are seeing on the surface of the Earth’s energetic grid a huge crystal pillar and spinning sphere of pale silver light. It’s a vortex shaped pillar of this crystal pale silver light. See it there on the surface of the Earth’s energetic grid. It oscillates and moves up and down vertically. 

As you are exhaling and sending your symbol off towards the hub, you want to establish your connection. As you push your breath horizontally toward 12th dimensional frequency hub portal, your breath connects into the portal. This is the handshake with this energy. Your body starts to connect with this energy through that breath of your soul essence. Now suspend and see that your symbol is suspended directly in the center of this frequency hub. You’re going to accrete and absorb energy into your symbol from the 12th dimensional hub. 

As you see your symbol positioned directly in the center of that hub, inhale and intend to connect through your inhale breath, to the portal and bring that energy into your symbol. Inhale the 12th dimensional energy into your symbol. Your symbol is going to be your feed line so you want to inhale as much of this 12th dimensional frequency into your symbol, as you feel guided. Once you work with this technique you will feel or sense your symbol will hold a certain amount of energy. As you feel your symbol, allow that energy to fill the symbol and when it feels complete, you are going to inhale your symbol back to you. 

Take another inhale, see your symbol returning back to you. As you see it see that it trails behind it a thick cord of that pale silver light. One end of that silver cord is still attached to the Earth’s 12th dimensional frequency hub and the other end is attached your symbol. As that symbol returns back, you are going to see that energy feed line still connected and you are going to bring your symbol to a space about 12 inches beneath your feet. Focus for a moment about 12 inches beneath your feet. 

Those of you that have already built your platform will sense and feel it. For those of you that haven’t you will exhale your breath into your symbol positioned 12 inches beneath your feet. You will generally see or sense your symbol spinning very much like your merkaba. As it spins it will pop open and a platform will emerge. This platform is a disc shaped crystal platform of pale silver light about four feet in diameter, extending on a horizontal plane 12 inches beneath your feet with your symbol code directly in the center. Those of you that have seen Kuan Yin on her white disk, this is what that is. This is the celestial Christ platform. 

As that platform emerges you now want to begin to build your pillar around you. Inhale your breath from your platform and start to see this pale silver light osculating in a perfect pillar around you. Bring that energy up and fill it into your physical self. See your whole physical self, emanating this pale silver light through every cell and every pour. Start weaving it outward into your body. You are going to weave that out into your etheric body, out into your emotional self. Intend to put this pale silver light there, to purify and increase the colors of your emotional body. Moving it out to the mental body. Moving that pale silver light out though the spiritual layers until you see your entire auric capsule filled with pale silver light.

Now lets focus on the size of this, which is the important part in terms of your boundaries. You want to build your pillar to about 3 feet above your head. As you start to draw this energy up, see it passing over your midsection, chest, neck and head. Move this pillar building it up as you go, this osculating pale silver light all the way up to about three feet above the head. This is the location of the 14th chakra. As you feel it moving through intend to sense it. It has a tingling cool feeling to it, almost like menthol or eucalyptus kind of feeling.

As this pale silver light moves through you see it building that pillar 3 feet above your head. As you have done that you want to focus back on your symbol, which is still 12 inches beneath your feet in the center of your platform. Focus on your symbol and while you inhale bring that symbol up though your central vertical current, your hara line through the center of your body and out through the top of your head, and out of your crown. Send your symbol to that point 3 feet above your head in the center of that 14th chakra. 

As you station it there we want to exhale breath up to your symbol. You are going to create a platform up there just as you did on the bottom, to seal you in. You are going to exhale and send that energy up to the top of your head. See that symbol spinning really fast and it will pop open. As it pops open a platform emerges. You want to build that platform 3 feet above your head, sealing you into your pillar. Sometimes you will sense it like tupperware, sealing that lid in nice and secure. 

As the top of your pillar is now sealed, we want to anchor you off into deep space, with a multidimensional grounding cord. See a small pale silver cord coming off the top of your platform three feet above your head, and you are going to send that off into space. This is grounding you out into the multiple dimensions. Visualize taking a small pale silver cord off the top of your platform and extend it far above your head into Earth’s atmosphere and to a single star of pale blue light off in deep space. That is how you anchor in your 12th dimensional shielding. 

Now that you are secure in your field we are going to call in the Guardians, the Sirian Council, higher selves and our evolution teams aligned to the Law of One mission to work together as both a group field and individually, for the highest capacity of exchange of God’s infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony. 

Beloveds, as we strengthen the 12th dimensional vortex we ask to set the spin accordingly. I am going to call in the Aurora Forces and the Diamond Flame to anchor, lock and seal in the hologram. As we direct the four corners to be sealed in the light of unity and oneness North South East West Earth and Sky, as impenetrable and invincible. We call upon the Aurora forces to anchor this space sacred in service to the light and Law of One of which we serve. 

Beloveds, as we go through this we are anchoring, activating, and energizing the EMF field calibration. Please anchor, activate and energize the 5th dimensional blueprint as God would have it be. Reweave, reconnect, synchronize with light and open all pathways of communication. Simultaneously, we need to upgrade, download and recalibrate the etheric nadial structure. Reset and synchronize to the 2007 timeline in this moment of self. 

Axiatonal alignment though all upgraded etheric meridian channels to the fifth dimensional blueprint bodies and above, in order priority through each individual. We calibrate, synchronize and anchor lock and seal this in the hologram. Anchor the biological codes for the Christ or Christos Race. As we activate the silicate matrix and activate the God particle electrons to resurrect and rejuvenate all layers of the bioenergy fields. 

In deep love and gratitude we thank the Aurora Force and the new Earth divas for healing, specific to electromagnetic field balancing to recalibrate and align the electromagnetic devices and spectrums of frequency in our individual home, residence or workplace. We ask all of these devices to be assisted in their attunement with health, balance of vibration, supporting our own divine essence.

We call upon our personal gatekeeper assigned by the celestial management structures. I have noticed and I want to say to those in the group I have not had a connection to Sekhmet, but Sekhmet has shown up several times and has offered her services as gatekeeper to those of you feel aligned. The Goddess Sekhmet is a lion headed goddess. As your personal gatekeeper feel free to call upon her. Those of you that have your own personal gatekeeper and are aware that we ask our gatekeeper to correct and assist in balancing all disturbing or discordant radioactive or electromagnetic frequencies that are creating any discordance within our personal energy field. We request our regent guardian gatekeeper to permanently monitor the energy harmonization of our fields 24/7 and 365. 

Beloveds please phase align and synchronize all 12 bodies and establish the beneficial communications between all for optimum integration. Beloved gatekeeper, now transmute and remove from each parallel life all harmful or imbalanced geopathic energies, any atomic radiation or inciting organisms. 

As we assist and release the removal of all computer and television rays, any poisons and toxins from water or food consumed or inhaled through the air, any product, synthetic drug or pharmaceutical. Assisting the body in the release of all heavy metals. Clearing all pathogenic virus, bacteria, protozoa, prions, fungi or yeast. We also remove all pathogenic pulling implants and clear all known toxic gases affecting our field. 

As we release that we bring in the God particle electrons to fully rejuvenate and revitalize every cell and pour of our physical layers and energy field. Please clear any current discordant energy program or previously those stored in the holographic records that may create interference with our being. Release and clear all known and unknown levels, elevations and vibrations up through the councils, for all layers and bodies through the entire multidimensional time matrix 360. 

As we open to the expansion of our oneness in truth we activate the atomic doorway with an alpha and omega head to toe clearing, healing and unification of all parallel lives. For those in alignment we call upon the Sirian amethyst crystal for the balance of the electromagnetic into the perfect synergy of union and wholeness. 

As we thank our Beloved Councils for this dispensation and support it is with deep love and gratitude. Thank you so much. Beloveds, please take this through the outer levels of the mind grid, DNA contract, core soul level and beyond. Through the dimensions, realities and the chakra complexes in all levels. Clear the subtle energy systems of memory through the morph fields through all of the components of the being, fully completely, totally and permanently. Anchor lock and seal through the hologram. Anchor, lock and seal through the time matrix. 

Our beloved family of light, our evolution teams, we thank you so much for this opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence we are home. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways. And so it is. We seal and end the session into the light of wholeness and union. Thank you so much. [1]


  1. [Transcript PSD Class 2 2007]

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