LISA RENEE on “Healing our Inner Gender Principle”

“Humanity’s greatest task during the Ascension Cycle is to heal their personal emotional trauma around sexual pain, and gender wounding that is related to the False Parent archetype. Taking care to build a strong inner core self, always includes an emotional and spiritual exploration into the nature of Gender Separation, reviewing our beliefs that formed our conscious identity surrounding the masculine and feminine. Many times the answers we are seeking about resolving recurring patterns or conflicts that we have in our life and personal relationships go back to the causal seed of how we feel about our Mother and Father. This gender pattern will reflect outwardly to others how we unconsciously feel about ourselves, until we become aware of the influence these archetypes have upon us, and we do the inner work to transcend and heal these painful patterns. If we give more value to one gender over the other, subconsciously or consciously, and this is reflected in how we treat others, we increase division, disharmony and power conflicts in all of our outer manifestations. If we hold levels of contempt or think one gender is more important, smarter or superior, we set up failure in our life and personal relationships by projecting this disdain upon the same gender principle that exists inside ourselves. When these different choice levels surface in intimate relationships such as marriages or partnerships, the conflict can be extremely explosive, emotional and painful. One important constant is to know that any relationship that comes together based upon deception, is being played out by the False Identity or mind controlled gender roles, will never be based in a healthy foundation that builds trust. Without unconditional love, honesty, full disclosure and trust earned between the people involved in any kind of interpersonal relationship, that relationship is doomed to fail through the destructive patterns that started it. There are groups of people that are closing down their heart from unresolved emotional pain and suffering, and they are unconsciously creating more chaos, negativity and stress in their lifestyle. If we do not know how to heal or unify our inner gender principle, the chasm of belief between the male and female roles in the outer world continues to widen, increasing the feelings of separation and other distortions. Before the awakening process, many people choose partners or spouses that carry karmic patterns of pain associated or familiar to them from childhood, based on the False Parent. If we have a False Parent relationship during this time of the collective pain body surfacing on the planet, we will be under intense pressure to resolve this emotional conflict and make different choices in our future direction. We must find the emotional blockage that acts as a barrier to further our spiritual growth, or the relationship will end. As difficult as it may be in the short term, ending unhealthy relationships is much better for our growth and happiness in the longer term. We can choose to develop deeply meaningful connections with others, or become an actor with a face on a stick for the people that only care about us when we show up in the archetype that makes them feel the most comfortable.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Ascension Glossary

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