JOACHIM BARTOLL on “Twitter ‘Sues’ Elon Musk in Distraction Ritual — While Q’tards Believe It’s Part of ‘The Plan’”

“Here we go again, with another act in the distraction Psy-Op that is the ever-ongoing saga of puppet Elon Musk and Twitter. The hilarious part is that Q’tards actually believe that this is all ‘part of the plan’. As in Musk wanting out of the deal because Twitter would not publish their estimation of fake ‘bot’ and spam accounts, and now Twitter will go to court because of their shareholders and it will all be disclosed in court instead. They also think that the owners of Twitter will be exposed. Yes, this is how stupid Q’tards actually are. Expose the owners and ownership structure of Twitter? Sure, the real owners will surely attend a court hearing being staged by their own underlings within Freemasonry. And the actual number of fake accounts, of bots? Who cares? They can make any shit up they want. If there actually was a real court hearing held by real people instead of actors, and some numbers were presented, what difference would it make? How would you know it actually were true even then? Also, Q’tards talk about Saudi Arabia, the owners of Twitter and connections to 9/11. Again, totally clueless. As for Musk and this Twitter nonsense, it’s as always done by the numbers, as we have exposed every single time. The news about Twitter suing Musk came on July 12, the 193rd day of the year. 193 is the 44th prime number. And this was a “$44”-billion deal. Twitter Sues = 44. Musk = 44. July 12 was the 172nd day of the year. Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172 (the Jesuit motto). The deal was originally made on April 25, and this news comes 78-days later. Twitter Sues Elon Musk = 78. The Jesuit Order = 78. Jesuit = 78. Tesla = 78. Or, if you count the end-date, it’s 79-days. Twitter Sues Musk = 79. Society of Jesus = 79 (aka., The Jesuit Order). April 25 was the 115th day of the year, and on July 8, 74-days later he wanted out of the deal. So, we have 115 and 74… Twitter = 115, 74. The story writes itself. Oh wait! Of course it does; it’s all done by the numbers.”

~Joachim Bartoll

~via Joachim Bartoll Official

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