LISA RENEE on “The Negative Form”

“The Negative Form is a series of artificial/dead light bodies that were used in our holographic image to recreate and usurp our genetic material by the Controller forces. It is important to not judge or fear this information but to get to the clarity and to the bottom of what it is and why it is there. The Negative Form can be similar to a series of ‘nesting dolls’ that can be attached to your Hologram/lightbody that hold ‘False White Webbing’ information usually spinning out probable future timeline events usually due to astral body distortions such as Miasma, Parasites and other Spiritual Attachments. ‘I ask my Christ Self to govern my atomic regulator and to attune my lightbody energy field to the birth transduction of my Christ-Sophianic self and to return balanced energy flow of which is the highest expression for my being at this time, as God would have it be. For I am the Diamond Sun!’

~Lisa Renee

~via Clearing Negative Forms in Parallel

This blog’s featured photo is not a direct representation of Lisa Renee or her source article.

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