LISA RENEE: “Attention Gridworkers, Intuitive Empaths and Christos Starseeds; May We Join Together for 2/22/2022 New Planetary Upgrades”

“Attention Gridworkers, Intuitive Empaths and Christos Starseeds; We have entered a new cycle during the shift from Capricorn into the alchemical law of Aquarius, which has begun aggressive dismantling of assorted alien machinery in the planetary body. This is specific to the genetic cataloguing and genetic harvesting of angelic human body parts that are utilized in galactic human trafficking and gender reversal technologies used by non-human invaders. This stage of spiritual warfare will be especially heightened between now and the anchoring of new Eukachristic instruction sets from Harmonic Universe 6 being set into the planetary dark matter templates, which appears to anchor in the Albion Lightbody on February 22, 2022. Guardian Host calls this a Failsafe level of implementing new Krystic organic architecture planetary upgrades that are coming in right now from the Cosmic Founder Source Domains. In military terms, this is akin to describing spiritual warfare escalating to Failsafe levels as a Defcon alert. They pointed out to be aware of several upcoming potential false flags or world events that are currently showing up in the timelines as NAA manipulated Armageddon programs, in which organized prayer groups and combined efforts are quietly capable of neutralizing. The anti-Christ entities cannot see this particular organic Krystic architecture being put in place as it is out of their perceptual reach. There is an ongoing process of flushing out underground nests of assorted non-human forces such as dragon moth entities and their military worker hierarchies that administer to an extensive 11D Typhon Tunnel structure in Ukraine, which has connections underground into several countries. This energy signature is beyond nasty and difficult so please tread carefully, as these particular events are more impactful to the Family of Michael who have embodied the 11th gate architecture and who have acted as the grail protectors of the 11:11 in multiple timelines. May we join together in healing prayer and synchronize our crystal hearts to serve the Sacred One. May perfect peace be with you, in mind, heart and spirit.”

~Love Eternal, Lisa

~via Failsafe Mission Upgrade

Photo by Ascension Avatar – 6-15-2018

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