JON RAPPOPORT on “Donald Trump — Mental Midget”

“Donald Trump, in 2020, turned over the Presidency of the United States to Anthony Fauci. That’s all you really need to know about Trump. Thereafter, by proxy, he presided over the saturation bombing of the American economy—the economy he’d pledged to rescue and make great again. He promoted the manifestly insane Operation Warp Speed Plan to develop (the disastrously destructive) COVID vaccines. He knows nothing about vaccines, science, COVID, or any other related subject. His view is: If a big corporation can make something and sell it in quantity, the product is great, the people who made it are great, and it’s great that they’re great. He’s still out there on the campaign trail promoting the vaccine. He knows, by the booing from his followers, that many of them hate the vaccine, but this never prompts him to look below the surface and find out why. He doesn’t look below the surface because he doesn’t want to, and he can’t. He doesn’t have the necessary attention span. He’s unable to coordinate information on his own. He relies on others to talk to him and tell him what’s what. These others tell him the vaccine is effective. In the late winter of 2020, Fauci and Deborah Birx approached Trump with a computer projection from one of the biggest failures in his field, Neil Ferguson. Ferguson had his own department at the Imperial College of London. The department was funded by Bill Gates. Ferguson predicted 2 million COVID deaths in the US by the summer of 2020. Trump never questioned this projection. He never called a serious meeting of economic advisors to flesh out the long-term effects of lockdowns. He quickly supported a national State of Emergency, signaling that the US was ready to shut down its economic engine and huddle in fear. Midget.”

~Jon Rappoport

~via Three More Mental Midgets: Fauci, Trump, and Biden

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