DANE WIGINGTON: “What Is Preventing the Majority From Even Seeing the Climate Engineering Elephant in the Sky?”

“Is engineered winter weather yet again being waged on US East Coast population centers? Are the same highly toxic chemical ice nucleation surface cool-downs also the core cause of the flash freeze events in numerous other parts of the world? What is preventing the majority from even seeing the climate engineering elephant in the sky? The power structure programmed mental ‘gatekeeper’ has long since been an extraordinarily effective tool of the controllers. This form of self enforced blindness has kept the majority of populations completely oblivious to countless blatant power structure atrocities, past and present. As imminent impact looms large on our collective near term horizon, can the mass hypnosis be broken in time to still make a difference? All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.”

~Dane Wigington

Comments from the thread:

“When the whole sky is covered with lines and turn in to hazy clouds and people don’t see or acknowledge it, they ARE NOT in reality, they are living in a fantasy world.”

“For most people acknowledging any semblance of the truth would upset their personal pursuit of pleasure so they pretend they see nothing.”

“I had to completely delete my fb account. Censorship was off the charts. I’m a deep dive truth seeker and researcher. Those I cared about couldn’t reach me and I was getting actively blocked all the time.”

“They just use mental gymnastics because most people are stupid and just look at their idiot phone all day.”

“The majority are sheeple who believe their Government is going to save them. Governments are a facade and destroy all they touch.”

“10 to 20 million tons of aluminum nano particles in the sky YEARLY and they started spraying since the 60s? OMG this is insane and no wonder why big pharma are making big money due to more sick people. And it’s a miracle from GOD that not more people are dying or getting more sick from all the poison they are spraying, this is a sign that GOD still is watching and helping us and that’s why people need to stand up and stop this madness. The controllers are NOT God, WE the people have GOD on our sight so STAND UP PEOPLE. God bless you Dane for standing up.”

“God Bless you and yours Dane, Keep up the great work”

” Lord Save us from this Globalized CRIME against Humanity and our Planet ! Humanity Wake Up PLEASE !!!”

~via Dane Wiginton

Photo #2 by Ascension Avatar – 3/4/2020

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