‘WHO NEEDS A 45-MINUTE VIDEO WHEN THE COMMENTS SAY IT ALL?’ ~ Best Comment Thread Ever On: “Why is Donald Trump Gaslighting His Hardcore Base by Promoting His ‘Success’ With the Deadly COVID Vaccine Rollouts?”

(If you MUST watch the drawn-out video… see it HERE)

The Comments . . .

Everything and everyone who has ever crawled the halls of power in DC was placed there. Trump was as well, so don’t you be fool. The whole time he was in office all he did was spew fake jobs numbers and fake economic recovery an broke his arm patting his own back. He is just the Rothschilds latest song and dance man.

After going bankrupt not once but twice he owes a lot of people a lot favors and he is still paying it back. He is as controlled as Joe Biden and is just another Marionette on a string performing for the world to see. He was put in place to put a face on all of the small Government loving people who care about their Constitutional freedoms and who just want to be left alone at the end of a hard day.

Trump only cares about all things Trump like his solid gold dinner ware. Yeah he eats off of sold gold. His ego is only exceeded by his mouth which he never shuts even when he is winning an argument.

All of you people who have been sucked into this whole controlled opposition psyop please be advised your name is now on a list. This scam all just part of their world takeover agenda 2030 so ar it is going by the numbers as our numbers are dropping. So, for all of you people putting your hopes and those or your children’s future on this clown I am here to tell you that you have placed a very bad bet.

It is called organized crime.

Trump is pushing the jabs because his ego will not allow him accept that he was deceived about their dangers and so implementing that his ‘warp speed” solution, which he continuously brags about, was a mistake. He is not “gaslighting his base” because he really believes he’s a hero and can not accept, or admit to, the fact that he’s been had.

Tom Terrific
Mina you are on the right track but you still give Trump too much credit. He has had intelligence info far beyond what we have and I and many others knew the pandemic was a lie way before the jab came out. I saw on video of people being taken from their homes and shot in the street in China. I think the greasy black smoke that drifted over Japan was from cremations of dissidents and not virus deaths bodies. People you really need to investigate Terrain theory and look at thing like all vaccines are harmful and how the Spanish flu was vaccine caused and Polio was DDT etc. The lie is deeper than you know. Trump has always been aware. This is not a blind spot for him. He is part of it and yes he is a High Order Mason of the Knights Templar under Jesuit control. Sir Francis Bacon outlined the plan for this Masonically founded nation in “The Secret Destiny of America”. It was to build the US up and bring it down and revive it like the Phoenix. BTW the eagle is not the phoenix but it is Zeus. The same one that the Olympics are held for and you see the satanic ceremonies being acted out for. The one whose image will be place in the temple only with Antichrist’s face on it. The eagle is Zeus’s familiar spirit and can be seen in art depicting him kidnapping Ganymede to be his boy lover.

Just like Trump, Antichrist is loved by the people at first. He is called a peacemaker. All these people wanting Trump to own the media and Australia and the stock market are loopy.

We are…

It’s been widely reported that Trump is a Freemason…which would explain why he loves WARP SPEED GENOCIDE and is still pushing the lethal shots…even as children and babies are being killed by them….I don’t trust Trump at all anymore…and look at the Supremem Court Justcies he got in…Kavanaugh and Barrett work for the British Crown and are not protecting our Constitutional rights…they are communists just like that big fat ugly Sotomayer that Birther Huessin installed….
Trump took a dive. in the last election….he let Pedo Joe take over even though he knew damn well they’d destroy America – which they have done…..
Why didn’t Trump seal the border when he was in office? Why didn’t Trump declare the border drug cartel terrorists which they are?
Why did Trump tell the filthy America hating CIA that they were doing a good job?
Why did he choose Judas Pence the well known pedophile as his running mate TWICE?
We need a new and authentic Patriot to lead the MAGA agenda….not Trump

Are those products sold by J & J cause that’s who Pres Trump has stock in ?

The stupidity of catering to the developers From 1913 FLU to AIDS, HIV, Ebola viruses and 5G , Full Knowing the motive behind Depopulation Climate Control. And Tyrannical Governmental approval of deadly medical protocol . Here we stand with mandatory child jabs. Is Trump mind controlled with his inoculation? Or is he some Clone?

I would support Desantis over Trump over this issue

Have you learned nothing over the last few years? There is no left or right they are all scumbag puppets on a string. We need to tear it all down and try again. Like a bad hard drive the system has been corrupted and cannot be saved.

Exactly that, world wide.

Johnny B Good
Trump is and always was part of the cabal. He’s been photographed with his arm around Klaus Schwab at the WEF in Davos Switzerland. He played all who voted for him. He set up all the patriots on Jan 6

Daughter of the Church
Totally agree that “Trump is and always was part of the cabal”! Trump is playing tag-team with Bidden. He took the fall during the stolen election in order to let Bidden/Kamala do the very dirty job at executing the Vaccine-Genocide, which Vaccine-Genocide was based upon Trump’s setting-up of the “all saving vaccine”. Bidden/Kamala are expendable to the cabal in case the Vaccine-Genocide is not fully successful. The cabal is maintaining Trump as a safety-net for the cabal. If Bidden/Kamala fall into disgrace, Trump will be recalled as the “savior”. And then it will return as business as usual for the Vaccine-Genocide agenda of depopulation.
Trump is real, and truly evil, while Bidden is just an actor behind a rubber mask. Both are puppets to be used when needed with the difference that one is alive, while the other is just an empty suit. And is both cases, they are just as expandable on each other to the cabal. Sad! to be so much disenchanted, when I remember how jubilant I was when The Donald beat Hillary, and I was waiting to see the madam truly go to jail. The President-elect reneged to his promises (to go after the madam) on election night.

President Donald Trump is more than than a windbag. He has blood on his hand now.

Because he was installed to do eactly as he did. Nobody is this stupid and put into the top office – even on purpose.

Fake News = The False Prophet
Maybe because Trump’s base must be destroyed. The idea of an external saviour is a cancerous one. He may have only learnt this after becoming president and initially had the best of intentions, and, I suspect, still does. But what the BEST of all intentions is can change and I think it did. Saving, what is laughingly called, civilisation is a far cry from saving humanity, which stretches far into the future and exceeds the constraints of saving the present occupants of this realm who largely have only themselves to blame for our current predicament. Only YOU can save YOU and it will take dedication to wisdom, truth and understanding to manage it. Only at the precipioce of destruction will the WILL be found to CHANGE.

And this applies to all those waiting on Galactic Federations, Ashtar Command, The RV, Gesara/Nesara or any other, outside you, sources that people are clinging to. There is NO salvation in any of them.

Daughter of the Church
In order to swindle their victims, all con-men falsely appear for what they are not. It is the oldest trick in the world of all crooks. Usually the crook makes a show at appearing a “millionaire who certainly does not need your money, but nevertheless will help you with your own money if you just lend it to him….” You got the picture? anyone who has seen this, done that, has at least once encounters this kind of character.

Usually, in America, it is the “millionaire trick”, which works the best. Look at at Jeffrey Epstein! He was a fake “billionaire” who used this kind of credential to become an international black-mailer through honey-traps. Look again at The Donald: Is he truly the verifiable “Billionaire mogul Real Estate & Casino owner” he pretends to be? As a “multi-billionaire” he “most certainly does not need to be our President, but nevertheless he may help us if we entrust him with our nation….” Is not that again the oldest trick of all con-man being played again? Take a deep breath, all you brave patriot Trumpists’, and you also all you rich Trumpette’s from Palm-Beach. You all & I may have been conned.
One few years old picture is disturbing: it shows The Donald & Jeffrey Epstein as good buddies. Two fake “billionaires” about to play a con-job?

Fake News = The False Prophet
Trump could be the biggest traitor of all time, sure, but what if he isn’t? What else could be going on? I always like to see beyond the obvious, and have rarely found it to be a waste of time, but now and again the obvious is the truth. I don’t really care what he is up to. My direction is already decided my me no matter what happens.

It’s called conflict of interest . It used to be politicians could not finacially invest in stocks related to GOVERNMENT . These days people like fauci , pelosi , and trump are guilty of it !

Trump will never know where he is or what’s going. He is as clueless as Biden.

The only way Trump will not be hung for genocide is IF he is the Commander in chief and did this as a military decision to reduce the number of casualties.

However… Judging by his super ARROGANT tone of voice, I believe he will HANG for attempted GLOBAL GENOCIDE.

There is no way in hell he didn’t and still doesn’t know that the shots were designed for Population Reduction.

Our healthcare system is about to experience a tsunami! Potential side effects of jabs include chronic inflammation, because the vaccine continuously stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies. Other concerns include the possible integration of plasmid DNA into the body’s host genome, resulting in mutations, problems with DNA replication, triggering of autoimmune responses, and activation of cancer-causing genes. Alternative COVID cures EXIST. Ivermectin is one of them. While Ivermectin is very effective curing COVID symptoms, it has also been shown to eliminate certain cancers. Do not get the poison jab. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can! https://ivmpharmacy.com

Trump is compromised, I don’t know what they have on him, but they’ve got something.

It’s so easy to control Trump or anyone.
All they have to do is Threaten to Kill all of your Family and Friends before they kill you.

And you’ll just end up like JFK and not be able to do anything anyway.

And you know they will just get someone to replace you.
What would you do? Any resistance is totally futile. And all of your family dies.

I’m not justifying genocide. I’m just saying how easy it is to take over a Government.

sam slater
Donny J Drumph, A Jesuit even went to a Jesuit school, A Freemason, colluded with mossad to murder general Soleimaini.

Went to epsteins island, potographed with epstein, maxwell, schwab and too many members of the cabal.

reputed to have murdered a child by the name of Mary

milked investors, pension funds.

De niro called him a punk and a pig…

big government has imploded …small Amish like peace loving tribes is the answer

mike d
Trump is a mass murderer, real killer. What an asshole, I can’t stand to hear his voice, he’s so fucking annoying.

I voted for Trump twice and now I question his motives and am skeptical. Was he controlled opposition used by the globalists to polarize the population so they could be more easier to conquered. I wonder.

Global Agenda
Yes Jimi, he was. Peace out.

~via Global Agenda @ BeforeItsNews.com

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