DAVID ICKE: Message To The Jabbed — If You’re Still Alive: “WAKE UP FROM THE SPELL CAST ON YOUR MIND”

Ascension Avatar note: Unfortunately, this ‘666 Mark of the Beast’ Jab from Hell goes WAY beyond simply the mindset of its victims… it mutilates DNA and the body, causes LIGHTBODY damage as well, creates a satanic branding and binding, leaving humans and their souls open for Negative Alien takeover. As Lisa Renee says, the ‘pandemic’ was created as a long-planned genocidal agenda to disconnect us from our Angelic Human DNA in order to harm, maim and kill, providing a “satanic food source” for the soul-stealing controllers. And that’s without even mentioning the tiny graphene oxide ‘razor blades’ which cut into veins and arteries and cause internal bleeding, blood clots, brain aneurisms, heart attacks and strokes, or the computer chip nanobots and tracking barcodes, or the alien parasites, eggs and fetuses injected into the bloodstream for later “variant” ‘booster shot’ activation! And besides… do we REALLY want to be connected to Bluetooth and the Internet? 😱


~via DavidIcke.com

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