LISA RENEE on “Preparing to Navigate the Planetary Liberation and Ascension Timeline in 2022 and Beyond”

“Those on the ascending trajectory in the bifurcation of time are dropping density quickly and being propelled into the next set of dimensional frequency bands, which elevates consciousness perception into a new position within the next time vector. This creates a significant density shift for that individual which can be experienced as decompression illness, akin to what is described by deep sea divers. This feels like a tremendous amount of energetic pressure coming from inside the human body as the lightbody is being rearranged magnetically. Those being propelled forward are entering a new vantage point of spiritual awakening in which their consciousness can perceive from a higher level of awareness, where they begin to perceive things in the reality that they did not perceive before. This new station of elevated conscious perception comes with an electromagnetic shift into organic magnetism of the solar female principle, which upgrades planetary and human DNA. The change into organic magnetism includes transfiguration from lunar forces to solar, inner gender principle re-balancing, and more spontaneous, synchronistic and harmonious manifestations occurring in the outer realm aligned to serve the personal divine plan or spiritual mission. The acute phase of correcting magnetic realignment via reconnection with Crystal Body instruction sets is occurring within the window of the Solar Eclipse of June 10th through the March Equinox in 2022. If these physical symptoms are not present now, they may arise in the next nine months for the consciousness rebirthing necessary for preparing to navigate the planetary liberation and ascension timeline in 2022 and beyond.”

~Lisa Renee (Shifting Timelines Newsletter – June 2021)

~via Solar Coding, Crystal Body and DNA

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