LISA RENEE: “The BIG EVENT: Humanity Does Prevail! Do Not Give Up — We Are Almost There!”

“There is an active spiritual war being waged against humanity by nonhuman controllers extending to off-planet conflicts and the parking lot of ET crafts sitting in the Kuiper Belt. Some of these groups are strong-arming the nations in western cultures to collapse democratic or libertarian based ideologies that support individual sovereignty in order to fall into the globalist slavery system of collectivism via techno-totalitarianism — these are the handpicked bloodlines and aliens working at the top of the pyramid of global control. We must remember that many of these people running this NAA agenda look human but they are not, they are the ones put in control by their superiors to farm humanity for their kind. Humanity does prevail in a much better timeline where the truth is able to be spoken and we regain our freedoms when emerging into a completely new version of this reality system. It will come in divine timing, and this shift will bring us to explore a new society so we will need to be flexible, adaptable, and connected to our heart and God’s holy spirit. Thus, do your best to not take the negativity inside your heart, and keep your focus on spiritually strengthening yourself, asking for guidance and acting upon it, setting intentions for how to be of service after we go through this BIG EVENT. Your intention to connect with God and have a good loving heart is enough, use common sense, listen to your loving inner Christos spirit and do not give up — we are almost there!”

~Lisa Renee

~via The Collective Awakening Event

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