NICOLE MORGAN: “You Need to Hear This Vital Information and Intel Drop by Kim Goguen!” (Must See Video)

Ascension Avatar note: My iPhone has been the only online access I’ve had since 2017, since there is virtually NO wireless in this secluded horse ranch area… unfortunately, the phone has been hacked and gets continually hacked again, with the ever-increasing controversial revelations on my blogs… yes, it’s a miracle I’ve been able blog anything at all, since my WordPress account is hacked as well, however, I’ve learned a few tricks to outsmart ‘them’ or beat ‘them’ to the punch… but unfortunately ‘they’ hacked my phone camera too, so I can no longer get photo evidence of their chemtrail spraying (and whatever else they spray us with, which has been horrendous lately, so I constantly call upon the New Earth Elemental Command for clean-up help!). Anyway, the point I’m making is, NO video will play via my phone as of late, including this one with Kim Goguen, whom I respect, as she too is a ‘follower’ of Lisa Renee and has Galactic Guardian connections as well… this probably aligns with Lisa’s recent updates…šŸ™‚


~via Nicole Morgan, BeforeIt’

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