‘SATANISTS FOR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT’ ~ Henry Makow: “Ivanka Trump — Klaus Schwab’s Choice For Future U.S. President?”

Ivanka Trump is a “young global leader” just like Jacinda Adern and Mark Zuckerberg (listed under “Members and Alumni” on Klaus Schwab’s “The Forum of Young Global Leaders”).

She was her father’s “special advisor”.

Politics is a charade.

They groom and elect our leaders for us.

Ivanka could be President one day.

They make us believe they represent us, like her father did.

It’s all a scam.

They’re not hiding it any more.

They choose people who will take orders from them.

They choose traitors, opportunists and perverts.

They choose Satanists.

~via HenryMakow.com

“Their puppet installed governments and political parties based on bribery and blackmail demand absolute secrecy in their ranks and they do not care about your human rights, health, wellbeing or the future that is to be inherited by your children. Yes, this level of unfathomable evil indeed exists in the minds and bodies of some spiritually bankrupt people and it is a predator that loves access to unlimited power, control and money at whatever cost, often resorting to assorted tactics of intimidation, trauma-based mind control and violence. It is time to overcome the cognitive dissonance that denies the existence of evil psychopaths operating in corrupt institutions and corporations you have come to rely on as pillars of society.”

~Lisa Renee

~via Psychology of Evil

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