LISA RENEE: “Supporting Children’s Spiritual Development”

When developing a plan for your child or family by including consistent activities that support spiritual development, spiritual healing and energy balancing that align with planetary ascension and learning how get in touch with the divine creator, here are a few suggestions.

Planetary Ascension: Share age-appropriate information about the planetary ascension and personal ascension that are creating big changes in our world, in order that we can co-create a positive humanitarian culture for the New Earth. Give them some context about confusing things they may see around them in order to help them understand that all of humanity is undergoing a big shift in how they think and do things in the world. Not everyone knows the planet is ascending and that it requires they adapt and make changes in their lives to be more loving and kinder to help create a healthier place to live. Some adults are confused about what is happening and as a result they may feel sad, angry or unhappy about these changes.

New Earth: Parents may want to focus on each of the Law of One principles and give examples of how these principles are practiced in our daily healthy lifestyle so that we consciously work towards building a culture of World Humanism. The Law of One is unity consciousness in which we know there is a loving God Creator which connects us to every living thing and all beings. Living in the New Earth means that humanity must change how we live so that all people can live and function in a world based on love, peace and mutual respect. All living things on the Earth must be respected as the living energy of the God creator and when we love ourselves, love others, love the Earth and her creatures, we offer ourselves to be of service to others in order to responsibly co-create and take care of all living things in our world.

Prayer and Meditation: Encourage prayer and pray with your children daily. Prayers can be short and sweet with an intended purpose from the heart. Intending to connect with divine creator, giving thanks for meals or things received, praying for others, developing a personal spiritual relationship with God or Guardian Angels. As a parent, our goal is to help encourage our child to develop a direct spiritual connection and best friend relationship with God and Christos (higher power), knowing they are loving truthful spirits that are listening and guiding them in times of trouble and always.

Giving Unconditional Love: When we are giving unconditional love to others, we are generating positive forces of energy transference that are being sent to a person or emanating positive loving vibrations into the environment from our heart center and auric field. Bring your child’s attention to their heart center and educate them that this is the center of their divine spirit that is naturally loving and kind. Be affectionate, give cuddles and say I love you often. Find ways to demonstrate heart-based feelings of unconditional love to others and the Earth. It is simply an awareness of sharing positive energy and care to those people, places and things around us. Each individual can share positivity and unconditional love by accepting others as spiritual-energy beings and intending to direct positive energy through thoughts, words, actions and prayers. Activities that show you care about the environment and other people by cleaning or tidying up, drawing a picture to brighten the day for an elderly person or genuinely doing something that helps another is an easy way to express unconditional love.

Emotional Body Skills: Babies and toddlers get frustrated between things they want to do and what they are actually able to do causing temper tantrums. Remaining calm while distracting them is refocusing their attention on something else, which is an example to help kids learn how to redirect and control their behavior. Sometimes patiently giving instruction, timeouts or quick meditation audios can improve a child’s sense of self-control guiding them back into balance. As children get older, they need to understand consequences of actions based on their own behavior. Encourage them to walk away from situations when they get angry in order to cool off rather than have an outburst. Help children know they are the boss of their own body, including the fact they can shift their own emotional states. If they feel sad or angry, that this is an energy they can release and change when they better understand their feelings. Help your child put emotions into words so they can learn to express what they are feeling.

Ego Detachment: This works as a mirror exercise for the parent’s ego detachment as seen through the lens of their children, as your children are not going to be who you may want them to be, but they will grow into who they really are. Prepare to allow your child to be the unique soul expression they truly are, by stewarding them to be more resilient, independent and able to act as an individual. Engaged detachment is the ability to be fully present and not withdraw your energy. Seeing things from another perspective without needing it to be a certain way so you are not attached to that as an outcome. It’s training children to find present moment awareness and know they cannot control people, places and things, that it is best to not fixate or attach to certain outcomes. Change is a normal aspect of life and sometimes we must let things go when they are no longer positive for us. Knowing that everything has purpose in life that we can learn from, some things will happen that we do not understand. Change can bring things that need to happen in our lives and we can honor this change as a part of the natural growth cycle of life. Additionally, helping children know the difference between truthful statements and deceptions, fantasy and make-believe characters, by discerning imposter energies that try to control through manipulation, are vital life skills needed at this point of evolution on planet Earth.

Physical Exercise: It is helpful to introduce children to the awareness that the physical body is designed for movement and exercise which is not only enjoyable, but keeps our body grounded and more energetically balanced.  Physical exercise helps the body stay oxygenated and helps circulate vital forces and ascension energies throughout the body. With the immense planetary plasma activations, some exercise and other physical outdoor activities are helpful for both adults and children to embody higher frequencies.  When possible, intend to connect with nature and choose outdoor activities or sports in which parents and children can enjoy together. Swimming is excellent for increasing the flow of energy throughout the body, releasing emotional energy and neutralizing negative electromagnetic energies from assorted electrical products.

Chakra and/or Energy Balancing: For children over six that are ready for this information, a simple focus of attention upon the areas of the body where the chakras and glands are located, is the best way to begin to learn how to balance bodily energies. Quick meditation by going within the self to achieve stillness or quiet is one of the easiest ways to overall balance the chakra-gland energies. The power of intent or the power of focused attention for a sustained amount of time, even if it’s for 60 seconds can be very effective. Learn the approximate locations of the chakras and know that each energy center is run by a gland that secretes hormones in the body. Close your eyes, relax and pay attention to your breathing and find a comfortable position. Guide your child through a shared breathing exercise and then focus upon that specific chakra energy center through a variety of methods, in silent awareness, while holding a crystal, chanting the chakra crystal tone, visualizing its color, sharing the feeling impressions of energies. By making chakra energy awareness a consistent practice even if its for a few minutes, your child’s visualization skills, access to sensory feelings and energy impressions for discernment will build strength quickly. Feeling balanced means our body is energetically centered and thus we recover easily from emotional distress or when exposed to environmental energetic chaos. Individuals of any age will experience an increased sense of wellbeing from energy balancing exercises. A child will feel more balanced when their parents energetic state is more balanced, as this is the consciousness state of shared harmonic resonance.

Do Things You Enjoy: Most children start out naturally doing things they like to do and they can be conditioned to stop when they do not receive support or have been traumatized. As an adult, if you want to remember to learn how to be happy and live an authentic life, spend time with small children. Small children are totally natural in the way they play, the way they talk, the way they walk, it is just authentically who they are in the moment. Thus, give attention and time by always encouraging each of your children to do things that are authentic to them and that they enjoy or love doing.  Allowing them to play and explore a variety of different mediums of art, crafts, painting, coloring, singing, dancing, games, playing with friends, going to the park, petting zoo, quiet time, listening or playing music and whatever else is fun. As children get older, you may need to come together as a family to celebrate family traditions like birthdays and holidays, to affirm with each family member how to spend more of your personal time doing things that you all enjoy doing and making it happen.

Describing the energetic nature of our reality can be difficult for adults to understand let alone children. To help parents begin to open this conversation, we’re providing a support script which you can utilize and personalize, edit and add whatever you may feel is supportive for the unique soul expression that is your child.

~via For Parents Supporting Young Children

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