LISA RENEE: “Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Goals for Your Child’s Health and Development”

Physical Body Goals: As a parent supporting your child’s physical health and ongoing physical development would mean to implement some physical support systems in which your child shows interest. This may include planning healthy organic balanced meals, regular time running or playing out in the sunshine, enjoying crafts, games and play together or going on adventures to explore nature as a family. Physical alignment can mean group activities such as sports or child yoga, but also means an awareness of grounding to the Earth, where being barefoot or going on nature walks is grounding for children as well as adults.

Emotional Body Goals: As a parent supporting their child’s emotional development, this means to help your child connect with and understand their emotional feelings and impulses without repercussions. When we are emotional adults, we can help our children to better identify and express emotions that are not being punished as good or bad, but allowed as honest expression of feelings and then compassionately worked through when it’s possible. Show your child how to let go of frustration and to be redirected back into positive feelings without dwelling on tantrums or negativity. Let them know there are consequences to their actions and show them how that works in the decisions they make. Dancing and singing, chanting and humming, vocal and verbal communications in storytelling. Lots of physical affection, hugging and kissing in a pure unconditionally loving and compassionate and supportive environment.

Mental Body Goals: Help children to develop their problem-solving skills as well as be exposed to classical music, artistic masterpieces of beauty or playing with toys and games that cultivate skill sets in order to explore ways they can stimulate their brain while learning through creative play.  Coloring and drawing, memory recall games, creative arts to engage the mind, all forms of learning and developing cognitive skill sets, common sense and consequences to actions. Show your child what potential lessons they have learned through interactions or choices they make.

Spiritual Body Goals: Encourage your child to connect with their higher spiritual power knowing that higher power unconditionally loves them, by using language to describe that spiritual relationship in ways that you are comfortable with. Give them suggestions or guide them in simple daily affirmations, a short and easy prayer in the morning and evening and as they get older, quiet moments set aside for quick meditation or sharing reflection on daily events to emphasize teachings for spiritual behaviors with virtue-ethics. God is loving and kind and the soul is loving and kind. When people disconnect from God and soul, they are no longer loving and kind.

~via For Parents Supporting Young Children

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