CDC = ‘CENSORING DEATH COUNT’ ~ Watch CDC Delete 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From Their Website Total

As reported earlier the CDC-linked VAERS website released its weekly numbers last Friday.

The website has now recorded 12,313 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States. This is up from 9,125 from the COVID-19 vaccinations total from last week.

But then a strange thing happened. After the CDC posted this number they went back hours later and switched it to 6,079 reported deaths in the US from the COVID Vaccine.

The CDC deleted 6,000 vaccine deaths from its website in 6 hours. What gives?

This is amazing.

Also, there is much speculation that even the VAERS website COVID vaccine death report numbers are drastically below the actual mortality count, estimated at closer to 200,000 worldwide and counting….


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