‘JENNIFER’ THINKS SHE GOT COVID FROM ‘THE TEST’ ~ “After COVID Test, My Symptoms Took A Drastic Turn For The Worst”

By Jennifer

For months I have been working overtime — exhausted, I was always on the verge of getting sick with a flu of some sort — so I would double down on vitamins and just limped along — preventing a full blown flu.

I decided to get some general overall blood tests in December 2020 — just to check.

My blood tests came back good except that my thyroid and adrenals were off a bit. I had classic burnout.

Then in early January 2021, a close friend got very sick and was diagnosed with COVID and my Naturalistic Doctor really insisted that I take the COVID test too.

Now I had heard the COVID test were not reliable and that the COVID test could be tainted.

But my Doctor is also an Anti-Vaxxer and she assured me that her COVID Tests were safe and that I could swab my nose myself and that I did not have to stuff it all the way to the back of my brain.

Under extreme pressure and my Doctor telling me that unless I got the test she would not see me again nor could I come back to her clinic — I caved and took the COVID Test. I lightly swabbed both nostrils about an inch in.

About a week after my COVID Test. My symptoms took a drastic turn for the worse and I lost my sense of smell and my sinuses become inflamed and just will not heal.

In hindsight, what I found odd is that the COVID Test Q-Tip was in a vial in a wet solution. I did not put a dry Q-Tip in my nose it had some moist solution on it.

What was in the solution?

I think I got some sort of toxic COVID bioweapon from the COVID Test. Even though my doctor thinks it is safe COVID Test. How would she really know — she does not know. My doctor doesn’t make the COVID test kits. She, like everyone else is just relying on someone else — that they think they can trust. It is insane.

Right after I did the COVID test, I asked for an alcohol wipe — and I wiped both nostrils — but whatever it was, it absorbed right into my body.

This COVID thing I have is not like a regular flu where your nose is stuffy then you have a temperature and then you blow your nose — get everything out then heal.

My nose is just swollen and inflamed but nothing to blow out. My temperature goes up and down — start to feel better then feel like crap.

My friend is also still sick. He met people at a special COVID treatment clinic, they have been sick for 2 months, NO improvement.

Did your hear the video from COVID bioweapon exposer Celeste Solum? She said — once tagged by the COVID Test or Vaccine, this COVID Bio weapon slowly destroys people and they do not get well. Solum said probably not all COVID Tests are tainted — only some.

I am so mad at myself for getting tricked into taking that COVID test — and I should have known better — but what threw me off is the fact that my doctor is an anti-vaxxer — Now I am thinking “They” are sure to know that — she is probably targeted — she goes to protests with Robert Kennedy Jr. the big anti-VAXXER. So “They” have probably targeted her — Ug : ((((


~via Henry Makow

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