LISA RENEE: “Resign From Mind Control Program”

First, make sure you are in your 12D Shield, secure your Hub Handshake and boundary test with GSF triad. Open a field in the name of God, call upon any of your trusted guides or beings that you love, and then say:

Please track for any Mind Control booby traps, thought forms, beings or phase disrupters, programs or Alien Machinery that is interfering with my free will of spiritual expression and self-determination. I claim the sovereign right in liberation for myself through this timeline or through any timeline or time zone.

In the Light of God and Love of Christ, I dissolve and clear any and all manipulation, enslavement or interference between myself and any person, place or thing, being, human or non-human.

”Be alert for ‘disease’ booby trap. When you reach any level of expansion or liberation, there may be a mind-control programming that is accessing the body’s belief that it must grow the tumor or get the candida going, or whatever the physical issue is. This is a false and erroneous programming that you can terminate.”

Refer to and use HGS Template Physical Matrix Reconnections.

Remove, clear and terminate me from any involvement, attachment or entanglement now.

Clearly stated: I RESIGN from any and all involvement in this Mind Control Matrix. I resolve and resign from this War Game, fully and completely. I am free from any entanglement, attachment, or disturbance, now and forever. My authority is taken as the Living Christ in God’s authority. I command this space as sacred in the name of God and consecrated to the service of the One Source Light in Christ name.

Now additionally, another part of this is sometimes you will find there is an entity or there is a spirit involved in this “game” — dark energies of psychic attack, anything that is inter-dimensional that you may identify, whether vague or seen clearly. Many of these entities are enslaved in the structure that believe in enemy patterns, in order to attack you. So they actually have gotten orders from “higher-ups” to track and harass you. So what you need to do is read them their God-given right and release them from their enslavement. This is a completely different take on psychic attack, isn’t it?

Understand that in your God-power, the right given to you as a sovereign being is to also free beings that are attached to you, harassing you or are a part of the game of that harassment. So what you are saying is, “I’m not taking this illusion, I’m reading them their rights.” That spirit believes that it’s got to do what it’s got to do as it’s been programmed and designed to attack you or fear you. So if you have a psychic attack, a spirit attack, or an entity attack, or something strange showing up — do not fear! Understand that this being may need your neutral support and help to heal and to rehabilitate. So again, read the spirit its God-given rights.

Reading Imposter Spirit its Rights

All spirits involved in the game are claimed in their God-given right: You have the right to self determine. You have the right to your own sanity and to choose wholeness. You have to leave this war matrix and end this game. You have a right to choose and you are free in God’s Light. Ask them what they choose. You have two choices: 1): Choose to merge back into God’s Light, (which you can hold the field for them and send them there) or 2): Choose to be sent back into your own time-space continuum. If they are not willing to leave or take one of these choices, say:

Sovereign freedom, consecrated to God Source with all intention, now is chosen. (3 times)

Thank you God, please anchor, lock and seal and end our communication link. And so it is.



~via Ascension Glossary

2 thoughts on “LISA RENEE: “Resign From Mind Control Program”

  1. this is really helpul. And I love the second part…

    Maybe that can help your daughter if she wants to…




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