RYAN CRISTIAN: “Expose ‘Operation Warp Speed’ With Whitney Webb” / “Chips, Gels And Sensors On The Way” / “The Trump COVID Psyop”


Comment from the thread:


“Trump is the chosen Trojan horse as president; he is the backstabber to the American people with this ‘Operation Warp Speed’, part of the PLANdemic to force the poisonous ‘vaccines’ as part of their Satanic depopulation agenda. If anyone hasn’t woken up to the truth by now, they probably never will, all the way to the day this evil New World Order comes for all of us.”




“‘Backstabber’? See, he could only be a ‘betrayer’ if that portion of America you’re inferring had not been consciously and fully aware of his true motivations from the start. Perhaps in the beginning, you missed a few very telling signs, or hadn’t yet pierced the masks of deception and veils of evil, to clearly see the ugly truths that were ‘hidden’ in plain sight. But this is more than just about a ‘depopulation’ agenda. It is the Negative Alien Agenda to infiltrate human beings’ organic God consciousness with soulless AI technology, to block and override our Source Light and natural high vibrational shielding, making human bodies easy targets for mind control by AI hive consciousness, and ultimately become dark portals for takeover through demonic possession, so that every THING is on THEIR wavelength and THEY are in full control. However, since they are parasites without their own self-sustainable Light, they still need human beings to abuse, traumatize, torture and kill, to collect their ‘loosh’ which keeps them going, as their Energizer battery. In any case, thank God you are awake and aware NOW.”

~Ascension Avatar




~via The Last American Vagabond

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