JOSEPH CHIAPPALONE: “Donald Trump Is A Cyborg Programmed By Dark Reptilian Overlords”

Unless you are dead and already transmuted into nothingness, you know that the present peroxide-scalped POTUS is destroying everything normal ones thought was of value.

I can’t take all the credit for calling President Donald Trump an idiot. Many psychiatrists, and many of his so-called close friends, who get much more publicity than I in the American Media have beaten me to it.

The examples of his mental perturbations are vast and becoming legendary.

The diagnoses range from Dementia to Schizophrenia, Depression, Moronic Incompetence, Power Hungry, Money-Loving Kleptomania, Racist Narcissism, Demonic hatred of other humans whom he sees as being far lesser beings than himself, and so on.

In the time that remains, History will judge Donald Trump even more harshly than present medicos do.

How did this situation arise?

Before the 2016 American Presidential Election I was asked to predict who would win.

I said that the candidate that would cause the most destruction to America and the World would win.

This has proven to be so with the election of Donald Trump.

As a generalization, it needs to be said that all Presidents, Despots and Dictators are bought and sold by powerful interests around them and around the world.

This POTUS is no exception.

If he does not do what his ‘minders’ tell him, he is dead meat.

Look up the real History books if you are in doubt. If they don’t toe the line, they are removed. I mean the specialized AI MACHINES ONTOLOGICALLY CREATED LONG AGO THAT CONTROL THIS PLANET.

The question for us today is this: For whom is Trump acting? As the psychiatrists have revealed, he is far too stupid to stand up straight without support. Thus far he has overcome all impediments. Thus, we need to ask: “Who is supporting him behind the scenes?”

POTUSES are not allowed to think for themselves.

What is different about Donald Trump is that he has escaped the programming that harnesses such rogues into a corner.

From a prosaic perspective, the trouble with greedy gamblers like Trump and his ilk is that eventually they lose… big time.

But, let’s start at the beginning.

Trump is, to use a modern day nomenclature, a CYBORG.

He has a Physical Body like we all have, and Astral and Etheric components that give a degree of conscious awareness. Apart from that he has, like the 92%, pseudo-spiritual programming that is manipulated by the Dark Overlords of this Illusional Plane.

I realize this makes little sense to those of you who are not aware of metaphysical and spiritual principles, but for now just accept what I am saying so we can get on with the show.

The remaining 8% of the population is composed of beings with a valid and viable spiritual component. They are not ‘cyborgs’; they have a spiritual heritage and will inherit Eternity when this Stage of Fools ends.

They are not as manipulated by the Dark Overlords who control this temporary experiment called the Physical Universe that has gone terribly wrong and is about to be dissolved totally.

To set the stage, you need to recall that this is the Endtime as I revealed in 1985, and that the end of this planet was forecast as being no later than 2035. In fact, since 1985, due to evolving polluting factors and other changes, including the invasion of the remaining Galaxies by Dark Energy, the End is nearer to 2025 than 2035.

So where does Donald Trump fit into all this?

We will take it step by step as it can become quite convoluted.

America is controlled at present by Vulturite Reptilians, a class of very Evil Reptiles that have carried on the iniquitous principles of the USA established as early as 1776.

The Vulturites took control of the USA in the 1990s when another class of Reptiles, previously in control, moved to control China and other Asian countries.

I am not writing any of this material to offend any reader. I am simply writing facts of which most Humans are unaware, to elucidate the present situation. Because of what the USA has done since its inception, it has a great deal of EVIL Karma to pay back even in this rotten and doomed Cesspool called the Physical Dimension, the Matrix, the Failed Experiment, etc.

BTW, it was not so much its citizens, it was the evil bastards that controlled the country, that used and abused the citizenry and created all the evil mischief and mayhem, all the wars, murders and theft. Ask the native American Indians about genocide.

Of course America is not alone in having wonton evil practices. Australia has nothing to brag about when it comes to its murder of Aborigines. Spain was horrific with its plunder and liquidation of South Americans, etc., etc.

I know, as many of you do, that the accurate History of most Nations is hidden from the citizens as they are kept in the dark and fed BS.

The USA has initiated many, many murderous and most iniquitous wars by way of gross Evil.

If you look carefully at accurate History, you will see the USA (really the Evil Overlords of Darkness that controlled it) invaded many other Nations and assassinated many, many innocent beings using lies and falsehood. That has been its Modus Operandi that continues to this very day.

I ask that you check all this out yourselves. Do you really know how many innocent people around the World American Drones kill every day for no valid reason whatsoever?

The innocent citizens of the USA were fooled and are fooled into becoming its solders to plunder and murder at will. Of course they are forced into their jobs or given a falsely rationalized version as are most soldiers to commit evil. It is in such a way that the USA became rich and feared, and paradoxically called the Leader of the Free World!

US has a long history of lying to start wars

The residents of America were used by the controlling Evil Reptiles as Cannon Fodder. They were used and abused, as they are today, to serve the Evil Principles of exploitative wars.

This is where Trump fits into the picture today!!

He is a puppet programmed by the Evil Reptiles to create as much mayhem as possible so the Evil Agenda will work for them.

And what is the Evil Agenda?

The Evil Reptiles refuse to believe they will be liquidated by the True Light like all other evil individuals will be, and they think they can take over this planet to continue existence with some 500 million Human hybrids to do their bidding as slaves.

Is there evidence for this?

Yes, there is.

The Georgia Guidestones spell these principles out clearly.

Also, AGENDA 21, its full extent disguised from the average Morons contains the mechanisms of culling the World’s population down to the 500 million that the controlling Reptiles (who are also ‘Aliens’ by the way) want.

So much has been hidden from Humanity by those that control it on this illusional level that it is tragic. This level is extremely evil and exploitative to the maximum degree. That is why it is being destroyed totally and forever. It is futile arguing with me about this point of exterminating this feral illusion. I can assure you that the job of doing so is almost completely finished.

Alien DNA in vaccines is already altering the DNA of Humans to become the hybrids of which I write.  This is not Science Fiction. It is Science FACT! Instead of telling the truth, that Alien DNA is being used to dumb down Humans as are the poisons contained in Chemtrails, it is projected as creating advanced Humans. The fact is that they are creating more subservient ‘Morons’, or at least trying to.

Do these so-called Scientists know they are being used this way?

No! They are programmed idiots, robots, cyborgs, Morons, that do what their programming (from Aliens) tells them to do.

If this is beyond your comprehension at the moment, just read on. Don’t blow a gasket. Events in the near future will elucidate the veracity of what I am writing.

Back to Trump:

That he is a Moron is indisputable. Evidence shows that he has been criminal in his monetary affairs and has used many others to cheat and steal. We will leave that to the authorities for now.

Let us go back to see the Mechanism of Manipulation used via Programming on the self-deluded Trump.

If any of you recall any of his speeches before the 2016 Election and then compare them to what he said in his acceptance speech after winning the election, you clearly see — if you are not stupid yourself — that he did a 180 degree turn in less than 24 hours!

“How is that possible?” we may well ask.

His Tabula Rasa (empty mind) was filled with a different program (information) by those Aliens (Reptiles) who control this cyborg. It is as simple as that.

And what has been the outcome since?

Point 1: He has offended EVERYONE that it is possible to offend every time he takes the stage either at home in the USA or Overseas!

Point 2: He has initiated schemes by which there will be Monetary Collapse in the USA and everywhere else that depends on the USA dollar.

You may well ask “How did he do that?”
It is not him doing it. It is those pulling his strings!!
He is merely a puppet, as are most Morons.

Why do they want everyone to go broke, to starve, as they live in poverty?

Do you remember Agenda 21?

Agenda 21 is a perverse Agenda to reduce the World’s population to 500 million and take control of EVERYTHING on the Planet!!

Agenda 21 is as humanitarian as ingested arsenic.

Now do you recall the FEMA CAMPS?

Do you recall the countless guillotines, the innumerable body bags and coffins?

They were not stored just for rainy days.

They are there for use as the population is annihilated in due course.

The Evil Karma is to manifest!!

As you will read, much disinformation is published too obfuscate these items of exposure.

Many subjects are convoluted to make a mockery of Truth: Astronauts and the Moon Landing, the Flat Earth, the Hollow earth, the Mandala Effect, Time Travel, Matrix Glitches, etc., etc.

Trust no one. Investigate things yourselves and make up your own mind.

Point 3: Trump has been programmed to insult and abuse every country that does business with the USA.

What does that mean?

It means that the other Nations, especially such massive ones as China, Russia, Brazil, India, Iran, etc., read the tea leaves and realize they are being targeted for eradication via Nuclear War.

Trump keeps mentioning that his finger is on the Nuclear Button, does he not?

That is the programming within him exposing itself.

So now we must ask: “Why is he being tolerated, rather paradoxically, by so many?

It is because he is being supported by the “Dark Lords” who control him and the Nation, and the entire evil World!

They think he is doing a great job for them!!

I know it sounds a little like a Star Wars Chapter. But, believe me, that is the reality of the situation, as we will all see soon enough!

The Dark Lords want Trump to continue until Nuclear War eventuates. Then they will liquidate the clown.

‘They’, the doomed ‘Dark Lords’ of the USA, are desperate to have a Nuclear War which they think they will win. They won’t win, of course. I revealed that defeat at the hands of China and Russia in a Radio Show with Jeff Rense in the 1990s.

Paradoxically, as foolish as he is, Trump is being protected at present. Why and by whom?

MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT, FEDERAL JUDGE DROPS HUGE B0MB ON ROBERT MUELLER who is investigating the Trump Family for many, many crimes.

Evil has always ruled on this level, the populace be blowed!

There is no real Justice on this level. Nothing is as it appears. Evil rules absolutely!

No one can win a massive Nuclear War.

Either side may think that for a very short time it has won the war, but the general consequences spell doom for the planet and all inhabitants.

For the first example of this assertion I cite Vulcan, the planet destroyed by Nuclear War before Humanity was created on Earth (some 400,000 years ago). All that remains of Vulcan is the Asteroid Belt in our Solar System.

Secondly we have the case of Mars which now, in the main, is a barren sphere sent back into the Stone Age because of Nuclear War. At least the inhabitants had some warning and were able to build underground bases to shelter part of the population.

Among many other things, what have the USA, Russia, China and many other Nations, including Australia, been doing since the 1980s?

Have they not been building DUMBS?
Indeed they have.


The purpose of D.U.M.B.S. was/is twofold.

A: To shelter chosen ones from the flooding to be caused by Planet X when it arrives.

I realize the expectation of Planet X turned out to be a fiasco due to its sudden change in course as the Solar System veered remarkable out of its way. But, it will come back to strike as originally proposed if time permits.

B: To survive the mandatory Nuclear Holocaust!

So, Nuclear War has been planned all along.

These are the reasons why Trump is being tolerated at the moment.
He is a Robot doing his Masters’ bidding.

Under normal circumstances, of all the Presidents America has had, he qualifies the most for assassination for he has been the most destructive of them all.

But, he has proven to be untouchable thus far. Why is that?

It is because he is doing a great job for the ‘Dark Lords’ in control of this hideous but very temporary Cesspool.

The Welfare of the Morons simply does not matter. They want to eradicate 7 billion for that is part of their plan.

Thus far, I have explained the Alien Agenda (the Georgia Guide Stones and their messages, and the UN’s Agenda 21 for the culling of Humanity) as if the Planet is to continue.

But soon, all will be made aware that there is the True Spiritual Agenda of total Termination of the Planet, of Humanity and all living things in the Universe, and the Universe itself.

In fact, in the past I have written that over 97% of this Universe has already become inert by being turned into Dark Matter which is a substance that purposely cannot support Consciousness.

So, is what the Evil Dark Lords are doing futile?
Indeed it is!

They are all doomed and will perish.

Don’t panic. I promise that 29% of Humans will eventually see the ‘Light’ on the next level. The rest will perish forever.

Without consciously knowing it, Trump is being used for the Evil Alien Agenda, but in reality, and paradoxically, his dysfunctional aberrations are assisting in the Clearing of the Planet!!

Bingo! Indeed it is!

Once Financial Collapse occurs in the USA and many other countries, once Civil Unrest turns into Civil war, once the Nuclear Bombs are released, Trump will fade like his tan will with no tanning time.

Trump is simply a manipulated tool of Evil that has been used to reach an inevitable conclusion for this Planet.

So, with Trump, when it’s all said and done, where are we at?

What have we here, a Gargoyle or a Cheshire Cat?

Nar! It’s another Evil Cesspool wealthy Rat,

Heading inexorably for the Transhumanism Vat!

You want to argue with me? Just wait; wait and see.

I will reveal more of the fate of the USA, of Earth, of all Humanity and all other Living Beings on and in it, in due course.

Until then, start thinking for yourselves and Turn to the Light.

The Darkness has blinded us enough.



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