ALIEN ANTICHRIST AGENDA ~ Lisa Renee on “The Art of the War”

“There are negative beings that are literally orchestrating Mind Control and trying to create events from off planet, or in the antiparticle fields, to get human beings to act in a certain way on the ground, the earth, which is very weird. So how far will they succeed, or will they not succeed? We don’t know at this time, because ultimately the choice is from the human beings level. But most human beings at this point have no idea what thought is theirs or what action is theirs, or who is impulsing them or not pulsing them. And one thing I’m very clear of right now is that there is a massive level of force and the best we could describe it, and not to be dramatic but it is an Antichrist force that is working this position of greater control over the human race. This is a massive level of dead light and it is a force of energy that is being animated into some kind of intelligence, which means they want to use it to wreak havoc and chaotic forces. Either to create a milestone in the field that is a trigger event, something like a 911 or a war in Iran, or something that is very huge that destabilizes the population.”

~Lisa Renee (Posted October 10, 2019)



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