ENLIGHTENMENT FOR THE DAY ~ Denise Le Fay on Spiritual & Personal Attacks

Many Volunteers, Starseeds, Lightwarriors, Bluerays etc. have been repeatedly attacked by Team Dark beings and their AI devices because we’ve always been a huge threat to them, not because we’ve done something “wrong”.  See the reversal, the inversion, the flip spin about just this by unaware humans?  See the lack of greater awareness in those people who shame and blame you for being attacked?  See why I’ve gotten angry at times with people who’ve unknowingly drank the Team Dark Kool-Aid and preached shame, blame and lack of “love” at those of us who’ve been doing our ascension Mission Work while being attacked because of it?  Being attacked by negative nonhuman aliens and entities is one thing, being attacked by unaware humans is in many ways even worse because they’re who we’ve tried to help all along.”

~Denise Le Fay 

(Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2019. All rights reserved.)


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4 thoughts on “ENLIGHTENMENT FOR THE DAY ~ Denise Le Fay on Spiritual & Personal Attacks

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    As a fairly recent walk-in who is aligned with and protected by Archangel Michael, I can vouch for what Denise LeFay has presented regarding the reality of the dark forces. They are, indeed, attacking lightworkers some of whom who are ill-prepared to survive the onslaught due to their misperceptions of the battle between Dark and Light. Shielding and protection IS vital right now in this intense period of transition. Call upon AA Michael to protect you and your family. Fluffy light and love just doesn’t do the trick, my friends. I have long fought against the forces of darkness. They are here (for now) and REAL. Be aware. Stay calm. Shield and protect. Do not project your fears onto others, but work to clear your own karmic burdens. The window of this Ascension period is closing; many have already made their choices on whether to ascend, remain in place, or devolve during the next years of Great Years. What choice have YOU made?

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