AHTAYAA LEIGH: “Draconian Implant Removal — Exit The Fear Matrix!”

Activation with Ahtayaa Leigh

Please share this powerful implant removal process with your loved ones. Thank you!

The Draconian implant is a frequency distortion matrix ‘chip’ that anchored the illusion of separation in our individual and collective fields, causing the fall in consciousness. This chip perpetuates the illusion of separation through false chakra energy flow programing. The result is not only war within ourselves and on Earth, but throughout the entire galaxy. The draconian chip has created a barrier between our dimension and the higher realms, cutting us off from our multidimensionality and creating a wound of separation that has manifested in a myriad of ways… It is the root cause of addictions, depression, scarcity, torture, hatred, victimization and all manner of fear and dis-ease.

By removing this implant we provide ourselves with a clean slate from which to heal and evolve. If you’ve tried all types of healing, and even experienced miraculous results, only to find the pain soon returns, it is because you, like all of humanity is infected and influenced by this implant. But now, with the support, protection, strength, courage and unconditional love of Athena, we are going to remove this implant from our energetic systems.

We’re going to cleanse our DNA and cellular memory so that we are able to successfully ascend and evolve beyond duality, returning to a joyous existence in harmony with divine order and oneness.

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