ADEANA M. SLATER: “Go With The Flow”


The current energies permeating Earth and her inhabitants at this time, are intense.  This divine energy brings with it love and light that is intended to strip away the last remnants of the old structures, but also uplift you simultaneously.  This is to prepare you for the New Earth that has been created and is now available for all to begin integrating slowly.  Even though the energy is intense and moving swiftly, the change is being implemented at a much slower speed for you to get used to this new reality.

With that being said, the process is still “unforgiving” to those who wish to hold onto the old ways, out of fear.  The lessons and hardships will increase in your life the more you resist this change.  This is not punishment dear hearts, but to show you that it is a disservice to your soul growth and expansion, to go against the currents of Divine Will.

It is best for you to go with the flow in your moment to moment, everyday life.  The old templates, beliefs systems, and dysfunctional patterns will continue to come to your full attention and awareness in order for you to transmute and heal these from your energy field.  This may feel uncomfortable and leave you in emotional outbursts that doesn’t seem to occur with “rhyme or reason.”  This is all a part of release.  It’s not uncommon to feel particularly panicked or anxious at times.  These feelings may increase as you are getting used to the frequencies of the New Earth.  Since it’s unfamiliar to you, it will leave you in uncertainty and can come on suddenly as you will feel “unsettled.”

These are all normal responses to what is occurring with you, for you, and all around you.  You are encouraged to step forward into this unknown territory with courage, and be proud of the progress you have made for you will continue to move in great strides towards self discovery and endless possibilities.

Most souls will be able to evolve into the 5D templates with ease.  Some however that do not choose to evolve out of fear or are stuck in low frequencies, will leave this Earth.  They will be unable to withstand the intensity of the love and light energy permeation, and will decide to exit this Earthly realm.

Rest assured that although the magnitude of this Ascension and healing has never been done before, all is truly well and going according to the Divine plan, as it should be. ✨🌍✨

~Adeana M. Slater



About the author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath and Lightworker who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time. She is a single mother of four children and full time Registered Nurse.


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