MEG BENEDICTE: “Divine Integration — New Moon Upgrades”

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September has turned out to be a ‘super blast’ month of sudden changes, upgrades and emotional cleansing. With three powerful eclipses, Mercury Retrograde and the Libra Equinox, it’s a miracle we’re still standing! After the Equinox I needed to sleep and nap for 3 days straight. So much energy was surging into earth’s atmosphere and into our human energy field. We will be integrating the solar surge of crystallized Light into the depths of our being and into our daily lives for months to come.

September’s final act occurs today in a New Moon at 8 degrees Libra. You may have felt the planetary energy lift from some of the doom and gloom, now that the final eclipse season of 2016 is over. Today’s Libra New Moon ruled by Venus, will help neutralize volatile emotions with a calming, balancing affect.

This is the 2nd New Moon in September, often called a Black Moon. Although Black Moons are not visible in the sky, they can magnify and intensify all of the changes you are experiencing in your life. With Jupiter conjunct this New Moon, there is an increase in wellbeing, abundance and optimism. This is an excellent time to step through new open doorways for personal growth, professional advancement, and harmonious relationships. The general rule is whatever is started now will have a positive influence.

As the crystallized Light infuses into the cellular design, your ability to ‘see, hear, feel, and know’ the non-physical realm will improve. The divine Light is illuminating the inner workings of your core essence, revealing all that is out-of-balance and requires healing. The ascension process is an ‘inside job’! Humanity cannot evolve into higher-dimensional beings until the inner shadow is acknowledged and transformed. No one can skip this step!

New civilizations arise out of chaos. The current state of affairs is in flux, while the old corrupted, patriarchal institution is on ‘life support’. All signs are pointing to a global financial reset. The current system is unsustainable. The only question is ‘when’ will it happen? We’ve seen this occur in 2008 just days before the US election. In case this occurs again, it is best to be prepared. The practical response is to stock up on food and water that will sustain you during the coming reset. If you feel inclined, set aside some cash, silver, or gold on hand to cover expenses in case the banks close.

Of course, we all can influence the transition with positive intentions, visualizations, and loving, harmonious attitudes. We are the ‘ground troops’ of Lightworkers and our mission is to birth alive the new 5D paradigm. The corrupted systems must be replaced with just, fair, ethical collaboration. Now is the time to actively participate in the birthing of the New Earth!

Lovingly, Meg





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