MEG BENEDICTE: “Fiery Lunar Eclipse — September 16th”

The powerful eclipse season concludes with a Total Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces on September 16th. The Lunar Eclipse is the counterpart to the previous Solar Eclipse on September 1st. The combined impact of the ‘Sun square Mars’ and ‘Moon square Mars’ brings simmering anger to the surface. Channel the anger towards revolutionary protests and action against injustice, inequality and violence.

As with any Full Moon, this will be a time for resetting the emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. The Lunar Eclipse may feel like a test to your emotional balance point, stressing any hidden or repressed rage that simmers below the surface. Venus in Libra inspires new opportunities to transform deep-seeded rage or guilt from the past into lighter, more harmonious feelings.

There will be an increase in volatile energy, so do what you need to maintain your center. Investigate what triggers the upset, so that you can neutralize and clear the pattern/program/wound from your field. We’re still traveling through Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, which is the perfect time to review, uncover and transform outdated behavior patterns, especially emotional patterns that create more conflict.

This is not an easy Lunar Eclipse, but it carries the potential to really blow the lid on planetary injustices. This has been building in amplification all year! More and more people are crying out against the corrupted governments, banks and corporations that despoil our sacred land and harm our citizens. We’re not going to take it lying down anymore. Expect more vocal protests and demonstrations – these eclipses are igniting the fire within!

In the 3D Field, we see rage and violence directed at Gaia, at other races, cultures, political parties and religions. The Ego rages in a ‘me against you’ mentality. In the 5D Field, the anger is directed at the controlling Matrix of enslavement and limitation. You can use the fiery anger to break free of any ‘lock-down’ programming and set yourself FREE! Unity Consciousness permeates the 5D Field in more peace and harmony.

As the Crystal Light infuses into your cells, it updates the DNA to your Soul’s Ascension blueprint. You may be experiencing body fatigue, increased need for rest or sleep, sudden emotional release, plus new awareness. The past week I’ve been feeling wiped out, so much energy moving in my field that I’ve needed to sleep 10 hour nights and rest during the day.

The cosmic upgrades have triggered more insights and ‘aha moments’ into the current Ascension condition. The First Wavers are spiraling higher into the transpersonal dimensions. Many of us are working on mending, activating and protecting the Stargates and grids for the final transition. This will continue into 2017, as our physical body re-patterns to metabolize Crystal Light as a fuel source. The Ascension is accelerating towards warp speed, as the planet regurgitates the last dregs of toxins and dark consciousness into the Light.

This Lunar Eclipse could trigger more chaos in the 3D Field, as the dark forces desperately struggle to initiate more war and destruction. Our Family of Light operates like a balancer, a harmonizer, to offset the violent acts of aggression. Use your discernment carefully, only communicate to Spirit through your gatekeeper, your Higher Self. There are many fallen beings posing as AAs or Masters trying to trick and manipulate our minds and emotions. Steer clear of false channelings. We’ve reached the final chapter of the Cosmic Ascension, and everything hinges on the power of Light! Be it, breathe it, immerse yourself in it! We are the Family of Light and our Ascension Path is taking us home!




You are invited to join other Starseeds and Lightworkers in our Lunar Eclipse Activations, on Friday, September 16th at 12pm Pacific. Registration is $10, sign up here>>>:

Lovingly, Meg



Copyright (c) 2016 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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