KATHLEEN M: “Targeting with Frequencies? How Easy It Might Be, Exploring Targeting”

“I experienced so type of frequency targeting in the last few years on and off. I saw how this was most likely of a mass level and part of some’s game. The more awake I became the more these things began to happen. I was hooked up to a frequency machine 7 years ago developed by a engineer form NASA. It is then I saw it was just a touch of a button once then had someone’s address. I am working only to expose the games so humanity can move forward and end all games with playing with human consciousness. This is not to cause fear, as I know there are many who claim to be “targeted”.

My intention is that all are freed from any type of remote interference and game playing. As I spent time studying this stuff I realized I had identical experiences to some and there was something going on. A high level game, who the game players are I don’t know. I really awakened after working with a quantum healer that didn’t turn out for the better because he was a broad caster of “frequencies”. I saw how playing with “frequencies” could have a effect of distorting someone and keeping them off track. I ended up in a drugged out state for months of which he convinced me I had to go through early on. He was actually part of the game. May all be free”



MICHELLE WALLING: “Spirit Guidance For Lightworkers, Starseeds, And Leaders”

Spirit Guidance For Lightworkers, Starseeds, And Leaders

Would it surprise you to know that not all spirit guides assigned to us have our best interests in mind? As we learn more information and move toward a new level of understanding on the planet, it may be time for a change of the guard in your guidance on order to help you get to the highest level of service.

Levels of guides

It is very rare for a person to have just one guide with them helping from the other side. Guidance is assembled through a team that meets your vibrational level and knowledge needs. There is no set number of guides and there is no limit to the number of guides you can have. Guides may not always be with you as they may be assigned to help 3 or 30 more people at once, but they have an alert system that brings them to you when they need to be there. A spirit guide may be specifically assigned to you and no one else to start with if you are a high maintenance type, but this guide may get bored as you progress and may take on another person in order to keep busy.

Everyone who is born into a physical body is assigned a primary spirit guide that has taken an oath to be with you from the day you are born to the day you leave the flesh. This guide’s job is to follow the order or decree that is in conjunction with the life you agreed to have. This may include the people you planned to meet or the career you planned to have. Your own personal guide may know you better than anyone else and truly has a love for you that is palpable and supportive.

There are also information and task guides that come and go. For instance, if a person has chosen to be a doctor in this lifetime, they would have guides that are versed in that area that will be assigned to their level of expertise. If they decided to become a brain surgeon, they would probably have a team of brain surgeon guides helping to make sure they helped expand the doctor’s thoughts and guide the hand in surgery to make just the right delicate cuts and moves as to insure the very best outcome for the patient.

There are protector guides for those who have important missions. Sometimes humans make some really bad choices in their lifetimes such as drunk driving, thrill seeking, etc. that puts them at a higher risk of being killed. There are many factors involved in why a person would be allowed to either exit in an accident or to be saved in a miraculous way. The guides and their guidance councils are constantly working with a person’s free will and actions to keep them on the agreed path.

The dark side of guides

There can also be false light beings posing as your guides ready and willing to bring through misleading information. Mostly this would be to allow a person to be astral tagged through a “spiritual” ritual in order to be able to lay claim to siphon your energy.

Another reason for posers of influence would be to keep you from reaching a level of understanding that will make a huge difference in your life. As each person wakes up to the higher levels of understanding, it opens a door for many other people to walk through because we are all connected through a tapestry of light fibers of energy. As you can see, eventually this would be devastating for the dark’s control over humanity.

There are many tricks and traps set into place that have an agenda that involves letting your “good” team of guides go and allowing a “better” set of guides help you achieve power and paranormal abilities. Don’t worry, this can be reversed and is exactly what this article is going to help with.

How guidance is assigned

Most guides are there just doing a job to help you get on the right track. A “normal’ level of guidance is needed for those who are under the sleepy spells of this reality and no change is really needed of a person doesn’t make leaps and bounds in consciousness during a lifetime. These guides may even be under a spell of monotony themselves and not even realize it.

Most people had to go through the reincarnation trap set up by the archons that are running the show on this planet in order to come into a body. Part of the manipulation process involves allowing some sense of progression as an incentive to keep on living while they continue to run the show behind the curtain. Keeping a person distracted with work, money, survival, and simple pleasures keeps them from realizing that they are a slave providing an energy source to a small group of elite slave masters.

In a reality that is not controlled by a faction of people who need to siphon energy, we would normally return “home” or back to Source to decide where we wanted to incarnate next. “Re-incarnation” was invented by the archons to keep us from knowing who we are by wiping our memories and tricking us into making the choice to come back time and time again into their illusion.

The guidance assigned to a person may not be in their best interest if it was assigned through the reincarnation process, and a changing of the guard may be in order to help you to move to your highest and best path. As we awaken and grow, we will need new guidance and possibly even protection if we decide to put ourselves in a rebellious position of leadership into freedom.

Although we would like to think of all guides as being perfect for us, that is not always the case. If our minds can be manipulated, then so can the minds of our guides. Many people who wake up are easily sucked into rituals of “initiation” and “activation” in New Age mystery schools posing as the light. Discernment is not always perfected in the beginning stages of awakening because we are remembering how to follow our gut feelings.

When one is initiated into a false light teaching, new guidance is also issued which will insure that the beings on the other side will be able to “hook into” the person’s body in order to siphon their energy. Why would a guide working in your best interest allow you to fall into such a trap? The twisted answer is that guides are not allowed to break the law of free will, and through trickery and false light concepts, many times we agree to let the good guys go without knowing what we have done.

There are as many levels of guidance as there are levels of dimensions and densities. There will always be higher level guides waiting in the background to be called upon to rectify a situation. The key is that they cannot act unless given a decree from Source to do so, whether it is Source at a higher level or the Source that is within you.

If you were drawn to read this article then you are curious about whether you have the best guidance working for you. There are many reasons why you may not have the best guides available to you, including what we have covered here with trickery and growth. A simple declaration and request from Source will help you to make sure that you are getting the right help you need to fulfill your true purpose.

My own personal guidance experience

When I first began to question my reality in 2010, I read about guides and how to make contact with them. I made a declaration to them that I was ready to make contact and I asked for their help to lead me to a fast track of catching up to where I was supposed to be. While there are many people who can see energy and are psychic in that sense, I was not one of them. I had to find a different way of communicating with them in order to make sure that I was on the right path. Back then I used a crystal pendulum to begin communicating with my guides and I also went to psychics to receive messages from them.

I found out that one of my guides was my grandmother who had passed away back in the 80’s. It was a comforting feeling to know that I had her with me to drop ideas into my head and to help steer me to where I needed to be in life. She came through several times with messages and let me know that it was her that brought a certain idea into my awareness. Waking up is a very confusing time and I went through a few dark nights of the soul with my grandmother.

Because I took the fast track of awakening, I dedicated every minute I could spare on learning everything I could about what was happening on the planet and what to do about it. I went through what I thought was a Reiki initiation with one teacher, and looking back I’m not sure that was really what it was. I fell for many New Age and false light teachings, as well as a few that I am sure were black magic and satanistic in nature. I know now that that some were geared towards marking me as their energy source. As I learned about the traps and revoked what I had agreed to, I moved on each time to a new level of understanding. Somewhere along the way of stumbling and learning, my grandmother guide had to leave, saying that it was time for her to move on.

I was devastated to have to let my grandmother go. But in the other hand, I continued to ask for the highest level of guidance available to help me to fulfill my mission here on Earth. The deep desire to help humanity to end the domination and control on the planet was the driving force that pushed me to my limits of understanding, and I had to make changes in my guidance team to keep up with me.

As far as the rest of my team, innately I knew that I had to have some really lazy guides. I also knew that I was helping some of my guides learn the real truth of what was happening on the planet. I somehow knew that I needed to refresh my roster. Perhaps it was my good guides snitching on my lazy guides. On a deeper level, I knew I was about to go really far down the rabbit hole and I needed the right guides by my side.

Revocation and re-assignment of guidance

I made a declaration to Source and the Universe to bring me the guidance I needed to go above and beyond what I ever thought I would accomplish in this lifetime. It sounded something like this:

I am here, I am awake, and I know who I am. As a fractal of Source, I find myself in this human body, having this experience, and I know I am here to make a difference. In order for me to do the best job I can in helping myself move forward and to help humanity, I insist on having the best guidance available to me. This means I ask for a review of my guidance by my higher self, and a council of guides sent by Source to determine that the current guides that I do have are in my highest and best interest each day of my life. I am willing to cut the ties to those who may not have the knowledge of the higher levels or that I accepted through trickery or false light manipulation. I request they be replaced with those that are approved by Source and have my highest and best interest in mind. I thank all guides who have been a part of my life in the past, I thank those that are here with me in the present, and I thank those that are going to come into my life. And so it is done.

Be prepared for huge changes

Because I declared to the Universe that I was ready to accept the highest level of assignment available to me, I had allowed a new group of guides into my life. These guides would help lead me to the people I needed to meet. New circumstances would be allowed to unfold, and I observed my life changing 180 degrees. I divorced, moved six times, and spent four years un-doing several things in my life in order to make space for just the right people and synchronicity. It was not easy to give up the comforts of having money and anything I wanted in my life, but on the other hand, it was having everything a person is supposed to acquire and still not feeling fulfilled that allowed me to question who I really was and why I was here. As I look back I am so glad that I trusted a change in guidance to help me each step of the way.

There is also some maintenance that needs to be completed every so often to ensure that the best help is available. As a person completes one level of understanding or learning in preparation to fulfill their highest role, there is always a whole new set of circumstances and synchronicities that need to unfold along with people that need to come into our lives. It is a good idea to refresh your guidance team as these new levels of understanding are met. I have learned that just when we think we know the truth, there is always a higher level of understanding that is just around the corner.

Lightworkers, Starseeds, and leaders need special guidance

For those who awaken to the feeling that they have a special mission to accomplish in this lifetime, an inner desire comes forth that drives them to dedicate their lives in service to humanity. These are the true Lightworkers that have come here from Source that answered the call to be here of assistance in this great time of change. These individuals are called Starseeds because they were living lives on other planets and even in other galaxies, before they came here to insert a part of their energy into this reality. These beings need guides who will grow and expand with them as they raise their light quotient and vibration, and there is no time for laziness in the spirit guide business for those on a mission.

We are living in a very special lifetime right now and those who recognize this will want to get the most out of the time they are in a body. They will want to learn as much as possible and to heal any negative energy they are carrying. Higher vibrational guides are needed to help these people to become spokespersons, healers, and teachers to those who are just beginning to awaken to the fact that there is indeed change happening on the planet. Everyone has a unique role to fill and may even have a specialty field to serve in. Special guidance is needed for those individuals and the change of the guard may happen quickly and frequently for these people.

Protection guides are needed for those who put themselves out in the open. The bravest of people who stand up for their own rights and others will be targeted by the dark forces as the strangleholds and illusions are dissolving. The secret to the illusions are being uncovered by people who know that they are more powerful that the illusionists. Source sends special guides to those who are doing the housecleaning and this is simply a reminder to go ahead and ask for all the protection that you feel you need to do your job.

The bigger picture

Guidance may be filled by an aspect of our soul that is outside of this matrix. In an organic experience on another planet that has not been taken over by dark forces, a person normally has the freedom to shift their consciousness back and forth through many other experiences and parallel lifetimes that are occurring in “no time”, or at the same time. Therefore some of our guidance can come from a free aspect of ourselves that has a higher level of understanding or wisdom based on other experiences. These are the best guides to call upon because their energy and ideas can be easily assimilated into our causal bodies and can merge into our physical bodies when needed.

When asking for guidance, one may as well get it straight from Source. Connect with the Source aspect that you are and grow and expand that energy as much as your body will hold. True guidance and wisdom comes from within and working with that will allow the highest and best potential in a lifetime. Until we are all capable of accessing all of the wisdom Source carries within us, we have guides that carry information and love that will help us to stay on the highest path available. Doors are opening each day that allow us more clarity and vision that allow us the co-creation of a new life on this planet.

There is more than just a change of the guard in guidance going on her on Earth. As above, so below, we are living out the microcosm of the Universal change of the guard and the whole system is being lifted up. Awareness, trust, and allowance are needed to give permission for the lowest level of reality to be shifted into a higher vibration.

Gratitude is necessary to thank all of the spirits that volunteered to be a guide to the brave souls that inserted themselves into the densest physical incarnation known to man. Guidance comes many times in the form of intuition, and learning to trust your own intuition takes a little practice. You can give yourselves a pat on the back, as only the best of the best knew that they could awaken from the spell and declare their freedom from a tyranny that has been rampant for eons of time.

We are truly changing this reality and are making a difference one person at a time. One day we will become the guide for another person on another planet while simultaneously living out parallel lifetimes in other galaxies. After all, this is what Starseeds, Lightworkers, and leaders do!




LISA RENEE (Energetic Synthesis): “Torsion”


Apparently, as the planet is being exposed to massive streams and influxes of Intergalactic Plasma fields, this is increasing the rotational spin of electromagnetic fields and this changes the axis point of these spinning fields. Torsion or spinning fields are inherent in the function of many planetary systems of portals, including our Sun, which is also a portal. A torsion or rotational field is an energy field in which the quantum spin of particles can be used to cause discharges, to carry information through a vacuum faster than the speed of light. The torsion field, is a spinning field and in effect, it acts as a pump, that can project and direct energy out from its center point. That pump action is what discharges and distributes the zero point energy field through other energetic systems, that are running specific wave lengths of energetic current. When torsion fields are changing rotational spin, this impacts all portals, stargates and wormholes because they are essentially torsion fields that also inherently interact with all forms of rotating fields.

Torsion fields are linked to antigravity, and the rate of spin can alter matter, they propagate at superluminal speeds into the future time, as well as impacting past timelines or records,. They can be used to alter consciousness states, such as matching the spinning rate with the human beings brain waves. This amplifies those the spinning fields, and this alters our consciousness state. In the human brain, we receive and transmit electromagnetic signals or information in our brain receiver in torsion fields or spinning fields. Essentially, torsion fields are carrier waves for consciousness. In particle physics, the doughnut shape, known as a torus, provides the best environment within which to accelerate particles as it can hold and route the plasma discharges. This would be a torus field in torsion. These Torus fields of electromagnetic energy create anti-gravity effects and also release an abundance of zero point energy. If a particle absorbs or emits electromagnetic energy (for example, photons), its gravitational mass is changed. The gravity, is proportional to the gravitational mass; so, gravity is also altered, and this relates to creating the forces of anti-gravity.

So the point is to bring this information into our greater awareness, as we are being exposed to intergalactic and cosmic sources of plasma, and this directly changes the planetary, solar and other levels of portal systems that we are being exposed to at this time. This is changing the rate of spin of the rotational or torsion fields in our local and nonlocal environment, and this opens up our consciousness to access other dimensions of timelines, moving us into future time or into past time. When we go into the past timelines we can change and heal destructive elements which had impacted our future direction. Or we can go into past timelines and play out the same old or harmful behaviors as a result of poor self awareness and remaining unconscious to these patterns.  Now, it is possible to even potentially slide across timelines or straddle multiple timelines at once. Thus, this changes the core blueprint of our geometric structure in our personal lightbody and greatly shifts our consciousness experiences to perceive multiple dimensions of time. The greater awareness of plasmas relationship to stimulating or creating new forces to impact torsion fields, seems to be preparing us for some radical changes in this new cycle. Certainly, to become aware of the next measurement point being taken on the earth, at the end of 2017.

Collectively during this cycle, we are being exposed to changes in rotational speed and axis of these many varieties of torsion fields, and this alters our physical and consciousness location coordinates, while in time and space. This produces mathematical changes that shift the geometric values of morphogenetic fields, which means that the instruction set that governs the movement of energy and consciousness in time and space is being radically altered. Further, this generates a bifurcation in the overall structure of time and space on planet, and this is very relevant to us now. We have splits occurring between timelines which have governed consciousness (energy) expression on the earth plane in 3D, and we are accessing the laws governing the higher dimensions, as some of us are moving or ascending into future time. Ascending waves of people are gradually being adjusted to phase into the next harmonic universe wave spectrum via their consciousness bodies, and this is altering perceptions of time, as it elevates their consciousness, while in the physical body, to be perceiving the material reality from the higher octave of the earth. The first phase of dimensional shifting into the next harmonic universe is noticing that the etheric body of 3D humans are now being perceived from the higher dimensional plane, and as such, one will start to see more orb bodies, spheres of light or spheres of plasma in the environment.

For many years, the sequential phase of gradually increasing the frequency sets on the earth is the byproduct of Stellar and Solar Activations transmitting frequency to the planet (and humanity) during the Ascension Cycle. The accumulation of progressively increasing frequency being integrated into the overall planetary field is what shifts us into higher frequency dimensions. When the movement into higher dimensions of frequency occurs in the next higher octave level, it creates a great impact in the overall fundamental (base) frequency on earth. The overall fundamental frequency or “base” is also the coordinate location of a fixed point in a time and space field. So when the base frequency changes, so does time and space. This base frequency is comprised from the lowest frequency strings which are resonating in any kind of energy field, whether it is a human aura (think root chakra red as the lowest base frequency), or a group aura, organizational energy field or the multiple layers of energy within the unified planetary field. All of those combined fields of resonating energy are potentially averaged into an overall base frequency. Where the base frequency is resonating is the location at a fixed point in time, which is the value that determines the range of possibilities of that energy field (as a person, place or thing) in the momentum of forces which direct future timelines. Ascending people are experiencing a base frequency change, which shifts their consciousness body coordinates to be located above the morphogenetic fields that manifest 3D timelines.

Previously, our general world perception; world views and values were constructed upon the overall collective consciousness base frequency that is comprised from every human being on the planet. As we ascend towards the higher harmonic octave of reality, we gain more freedom and autonomy from the impacts of the collective human race consciousness field, and ascending people will start to experience being freed from layers of being controlled by human race miasma. The quality of the frequency in the collective race energy field directly impact the coordinate location in time and space that an individual consciousness body has anchored. Currently, we can observe the lowest base collective energy on earth, which reflects the fragmented chaos and severe disconnection that currently dominates the worldscape. Unless humanity breaks away from the Archontic Deception and changes its world view and starts to make different choices, the overall quality of frequency in that collective human race field remains stagnant, recycled and unchanged. However, in ascending groups of people, the individual that has made that choice to transcend ego and Archontic strategies, are able to finally experience autonomy from the previous 3D laws, which had been governed by the collective human race choices. The Bifurcation of Time is forcing directions which will accelerate volatile change and transformation in areas (as well as inside people) that have not made spiritual progress, because for whatever reasons, they have remained emotionally stunted, energetically stagnant or are playing out regressive behaviors. This change that has occurred in the future timelines pushes all humans to transform and elevate their personal choices that had been formed from the 3D world view perception and its lower level of consciousness energies. Thus, the choices being made are between the negative ego layers and belief systems or sourcing from the spiritualized higher self, and this choice is established on which alternate identity has taken control over the overall consciousness body, and therefore has taken control over the physical body at this time.

~Energetic Synthesis – Time Shift Blog – April 26, 2016