LISA RENEE: Avatar of Ascension ~ Hieros Gamos ~ Inner Balance to Sacred Marriage ~ “HGS Stewards” (Part 10/10)


HGS Stewards

The HGS Stewards participate in agreement to the spiritual evolution process required in order to align to the Krystic architecture (instruction sets and their trinitized geometries) which is an intrinsic part of the energetic frequency container and online learning environment sponsored through the Energetic Synthesis (ES) Website directed through Lisa Renee. The Guardian spiritual healing template, the AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) and its living consciousness network, must be embodied in human representatives in order to exist and continue to operate in alignment to the Guardian Hosts within this plane of matter. HGS is designed to support personal human freedom and spiritual energetic empowerment through Ascension knowledge. This Ascension knowledge is learning how to embody spiritual-energetic balance and thus, achieve freedom through inner sacred marriage. The Hieros Gamos Sacred Alchemy is based upon the Law of One principles which are supported by the Krystal Star Unity Intelligence and family of Guardian Hosts. This Guardian supported architecture is held sacred and protected through the HGS Stewards group and the Energetic Synthesis body as a whole living organism.

The following individuals have been trained and certified in the Hieros Gamos System.

Those names with contact information have graciously agreed to be HGS mentors to help those seeking help in the matter. Please be respectful and considerate of their time and efforts.

 Paige PetersAvailable for HGS Calibrations & Sessions
 Robyn Arrington

Available for private sessions, mentoring, and guidance with HGS calibration and session work.  Also available for group work, workshops, and training in the service of the HGS.

 Charlotte Batchelor

Available for HGS private and group sessions, mentoring & calibrations either in person or via remote sessions. Offers facilitation for individuals and groups working with the system. Also HGS study groups, workshops and training. Provides homeopathic and nutritional support in conjunction with the system.


 Sharon Mazer

Available for mentoring, consulting and guidance in calibration procedures and HGS material.  At this time she is not available for HGS sessions. Also, in service to HGS group and personal planetary projects working with the elemental kingdoms.
Contact: ,

 Karen AnTara

Available for private HGS session work, mentoring and assistance with calibration procedures. Also HGS study groups and workshops.

 Joni Schmidt

Available for HGS mentoring, private and group sessions, remote sessions and calibration.

 Kimberly Wold

Available for mentoring and assistance with calibration procedures. Also HGS study groups and workshops.

 Tanya Road
 Joyce Ungemach

Currently unavailable for facilitating client sessions. .

 Yvonne Stoose

I am available for assistance with the Calibration process and private HGS sessions.

Karen McLaughlan

Available for HGS sessions. Also happy to assist with HGS calibration and mentoring.

 Mark Thomas  Michelle Johnston
 Mariko Nagoshi  Kelly Schupp

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